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Chris Beat Cancer

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Sep 04, 2015

Chris Beat Cancer

Chris Beat Cancer without chemo, or radiation

When you’re diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer at the age of 26, how brave do you have to be to forego surgery, radiation, AND chemo?

I guess some people reading this would think, “Is that brave . . . or stupid?

The medical model has brainwashed us into believing that cancer is an unexplainable disease that you just suddenly “get,” and the only way it should be treated is with cutting, burning, and poisoning. I have read thousands of pages on this subject, studied it for 20 years, and traveled all over the world for 3 1/2 years interviewing patients and doctors using alternative methods. Rather than trying to tell you that there are more options that don’t involve dripping carcinogenic heavy metals into your veins or using carcinogenic burning rays or cutting into the cancer (which causes it to spread), I have compiled my research here. These are some of my past blogs on the subject:

Update on Shirley, using “alternatives” after 2 rounds of chemo Jan 8, 2012
Shirley was astonished to learn how many options she has to heal using other modalities, and wishes she’d known BEFORE two rounds of chemotherapy knocked her down, and hard.

MYTH: “My Cancer Just Happened” Jan 5, 2012
You should know what cancer is, what it’s not, how it’s treated effectively and ineffectively. How traditional treatments actually CAUSE more cancer.

An open letter to practitioners of Oncology Aug 17, 2011
They add up, he says, to more evidence that a plant-based diet prevents cancer, than we have evidence that smoking causes lung cancer. The evidence has become utterly voluminous, and it’s unconscionable to tell your patients their diet does not matter.

All I think about is cancer….the treatment options….part 2 of 7  Aug 10, 2011
I will be visiting quite a few clinics that specialize in “alternative health” means to treat cancer without chemotherapy and radiation.

The rest of the story with Rich the pharmacist. Part 2 of 2. April 8, 2012
She’ll be blasting the hell out of cancer while strengthening the muscles of her immune system. Rather than nuking everything in sight like chemo and radiation do.

Co-existing with cancer, or curing it? January 26, 2012
Co-existing peacefully with cancer is possible due to solid integrative treatment in the beginning, and excellent detoxification practices, mental/emotional self-care, and nutrition for the long haul after that.

I accidentally walk for breast cancer, Part 3 of 3 Nov 12, 2012
I turned around and ran against the crowd, back to Times Square, I felt more comfortable. Running against that current is where I belong. Not because I don’t love my sisters with breast cancer. But because I do.

Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 11 April 19, 2009
Once we found the Green Smoothie site, got our blender, and started making the smoothies, he has consistently been clear of any new tumors.

Hot dogs as bad for you as cigarettes? Aug 4, 2011
Nitrites and nitrates are the most carcinogenic food additives approved by the FDA. They are in all processed meats, including hot dogs, bacon, sausage, and baloney.

Raw food beating cancer is front-page news! Oct 30, 2008
My friend Shelley Abegg, a breast cancer five-year survivor, was on the front page. She beat cancer without chemo or radiation with a raw-food vegan diet

Firestarters in the Journey Oct 28, 2012
I love that I have a career in introducing people to simple but revolutionary concepts that are nothing less than life-changing. You will enjoy the path to wholeness better if you bring a few friends along.

Ted Talk: When does cancer become dangerous? Can food prevent it? Sep 15, 2014
Naturally-occurring compounds in nature could help develop anti-angiogenic therapies that stop the blood supply to cancer.

49% of Brits don’t know diet affects cancer risk March 18, 2014
Half of cancer cases are preventable by simply changing diet. The countries where cancer is highest are those eating the toxic, processed modern diet.

I do want to acknowledge that I think everyone should get to choose chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; and that if I were diagnosed with cancer, I, myself, might choose a surgery if a large tumor was compromising organ function.

A few years ago, I mostly quit blogging about my research world-wide on cancer for several reasons. One, my readers were saying, “Hey, we didn’t come here to learn about cancer. Or not THIS MUCH, anyway.” Two, I didn’t have time to write the book I was planning. Too busy with this day job!

Well, Chris is writing it. And he already put the site up. And he has 3 million views on YouTube. When he was 26 and facing a scary diagnosis, he needed a role model to follow as well as protocols and research. He found mentors to inspire and educate him in his pursuit to heal and detoxify his immune-deficient body. With NO surgery or any other “traditional” medical treatment, he disappeared his cancer, and 12 years later he’s totally healthy and the father of two daughters.

Recently we went to the same event and ended up on a plane together heading home. He told me about a Forbes article written by a muckraker journalist who exposes how the politics of cancer drugs work. Do you want someone you love to be injected for months with a drug that got rubber stamped by the FDA? Standards are getting lower and lower. Current drug approvals are now over 96%. Just 7 years ago, 66% of drugs were rejected! Consider that those working for the FDA are usually former Pharma executives and vice versa. It’s the same incestuous group of people bouncing back and forth. Some would call it the “fox guarding the henhouse.” Unfortunately, Americans have somehow slowly accepted the fact that millions die of the TREATMENT itself, and that treatments are wildly toxic and people have to live with the effects of them for the rest of their lives.

Chris is the right guy to put the site up, rather than me, since his story is so very inspiring. I just want to support him. I think I might take him on our supertour next year when I start my lecture tour back up. I have lots of celebrities coming along—over 20 of them in wellness and personal development in 40 cities next year. Stay tuned and watch for an announcement in October.

Don’t you think Chris’s story belongs on a stage? Check out his site and YouTube videos. He’s really articulate and knowledgeable, and I’m excited to see his message roll out to a world who needs to know there are millions like him—I’ve met hundreds of them, including my grandmother!—who have beat even aggressive and advanced cancers by helping their body detoxify and heal immune function. Some experts estimate that we have sizeable, detectable cancerous growths an average of 3 times in a lifetime. The body usually responds by breaking the cancers down and returning to health or at least homeostasis. Autopsies reveal that MANY undiagnosed people who die of other causes have significant cancer in their bodies at the time of death. Doesn’t this make it a travesty that a tennis opponent of mine, last year, got a double mastectomy when diagnosed with a STAGE ZERO breast cancer?

Don’t you think Chris’s story belongs on a stage? Check out and his YouTube channel.

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  1. rachel says:

    When you stopped writing about cancer I was thinking: WHY??? I was hungry to read more and learn more. The personal connections you made on your world travels and reading about how people were dealing with cancer alternatively was fascinating and not something that is easy to get access to. Thank you for your research, time, dedication, passion and commitment to your readers and to wellness.

    1. Robyn says:

      Interesting, Rachel, thanks—maybe I’ll write more, then….just not too much!

  2. Kathy Hight says:

    I cannot locate your blogs on cancer by going to the appropriate archive. I want to share them with a friend who has just completed a long round of radiation and is about to begin grueling chemo. How can I find these blogs. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathy, if you search “cancer” (or whatever it is you want to search for) in the search bar above Robyn’s picture and below the social media links (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. buttons), then several search results should pop up related to your keyword. This is much easier than searching through the archives. I hope that helps!

    2. Robyn says:

      Hi Kathy, I think the best thing is to just search on “cancer” on GreenSmoothieGirl. I have blogged on cancer about 250 times!

  3. M says:

    What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing, it has helped me to re dedicate myself to eating well and feeding my family better.

  4. Hi Robyn, thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do!! I couldn’t agree more with your last statement regarding the TRAVESTY that your tennis opponent chose to remove both her breasts for “stage zero” breast cancer (DCIS). Unfortunately, too many women are following this path — out of fear or because the medical community and celebrities/media promote overly aggressive and invasive procedures and drugs. This is why I created my blog: and co-founded DCIS Redefined ( Support, options and resources for women faced with the dilemma of a DCIS diagnosis were nonexistent 6 years ago but today things are looking brighter and hopefully more women will feel empowered to utilize nutrition and lifestyle strategies to minimize cancer risks. Thank you for helping to get the word out and educate women worldwide! Green blessings to you and all!! Donna Pinto
    PS: FYI: Chris Wark did have surgery, but refused chemo, drugs and radiation.

  5. Boni says:

    Hi Robyn! I just wanted to suggest some great books/authors. “KNOCKOUT” – Interviews with doctors who are curing cancer and how to prevent getting it in the first place – Suzanne Somers Foreword by Julian Whitaker, M.D. , founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, “Dying to Be Me” -Anita Moorjani, Foreword by Dr. Wayne Dyer, books by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright (I think one of his books that I like is called “Treasury of Natural Cures”) “The Miracle of Coconut Oil” by Bruce Fife and “Oil Pulling” by Bruce Fife. I subscribe to Dr. Al Sears email newsletters & he has books out & the like. I know that you would enjoy him with his alternative practices and advice on everything under the sun. Also, his PACE program (exercise book) is fantastic. (Look all of this up on Amazon if you’re interested). I don’t know if you already know of these books/authors, but if not I strongly recommend that you check them out. I recommend these books alongside yours and your Green Smoothie Girl website to other people often. These are very powerful books and respected doctors and people who I believe in & feel that I should share this information with you. I hope that’s ok!! I love to share these important things with others. You just never know who it may be a blessing and an answer for. I also recommend books by Dr. Wayne Dyer for manifestation and high energy information. Sadly, though he just recently passed away in his sleep. He left behind an incredible legacy. You can find his books on Amazon also & at book stores. I hope this is helpful!! Much love and respect.. Namaste ~ Boni

    1. Robyn says:

      Boni, yes, I’ve read S. Somers’ book It’s good., and Bruce Fife’s too. I will check out the others, thank you.

  6. Sandy reavis says:

    Robyn how do I purchase the black salve you were talking about ?

    1. Hi Sandy, Robyn purchases it from Cansema in Brazil.

  7. Laura says:

    So sad what main stream medicine does to most people diagnosed with cancer… My little sister has been battling it for four years. I think her oncologist functions with absolute blinders on and she is convinced that he “knows best”… She is not interest in any other protocol….. so I just focus on loving her…

    I will keep reading about alternatives however A million thank yous for writing the articles and sharing the information…

  8. I have studied the power of food, proteins, green living food for years and have come to the same conclusion–our bodies are healed or dis-eased by the foods, chemicals, drinks etc that we put in to them. It makes so much sense that we ARE what we eat. How could we NOT be? Therefore, we should be eager to know every ingredient of what we put in to our bodies. If we love our families and our futures, we will take the time to fuel ourselves on REAL food and get truly fueled up. I’ve heard for years that cancer is inside of all of us–but that how we live, what we eat, the stress we have or don’t, the love we receive and give, all have a huge impact on that cancer’s ability to take over normal cells… I can’t wait to read his book and get connected with his multi media links–

  9. Dear Robyn: Thank you for the magnificent way you promote health! Simply amazing. My question to you and the followers is this: have you seen or know of any “cures” or cases that have been arrested for Lyme disease? I believe it’s in the same realm as aids, cancer, etc. And I believe that pure nutrition can cure many ills. My urgency is that we have a daughter that is slowly dying of the lyme disease, and NO modality, mainstream or alternative, can seemingly offer any help for restorative treatments. And of course I believe in the healing power of God! The lady that added all the books and links failed to mention the Bible, undoubtedly the most powerful of all. Thank you in advance and God bless you!

  10. Lynn Faulkner says:


  11. Tara says:

    Thank you for your articles, you are inspiring my whole family. My autistic son now only wants smoothies and doesn’t care about green color. He says mom add in the spinach and avocado because it makes me feel so good!

  12. Shellie says:

    This is good information to know. When I hear of others being diagnosed with cancer, the doctors are always wanting to take care of it right away so it seems as though it is more serious than it really is. But I like in Chris’s video he says to ask your doctor to give you some time to try to heal yourself before taking any drastic matters

  13. Gail says:

    Can’t wait to read all of these articles!!! Be prepared is my motto…or is that the Boy Scouts motto? 🙂 Thanks Robyn for all your wonderful information! You rock!

  14. MaryEllen Seehafer says:

    Very good news to hear. If I were to ever be diagnosed with cancer this is my plan as well. Congrats, Chris!

  15. Can too much Addiction to Soda cause cancer?? I know it can cause a multitude of Health Problems!!

  16. Barbara says:

    I believe in this eating life style

  17. Carey B says:

    Robyn, I think it’s great to write healing cancer stories. My Mom was cured of cancer from juicing. You never know who you will save! Veggies and fruits are so healing! BTW what do you think of hemp seeds? Would this be a good addition to a smoothie?

  18. Cori says:

    Smart or inspired is better than brave I think. This is coming from a girl who’s mother is dying not from the tumor in her brain but from the radiation that is continuing to kill the brain tissue around the now dead tumor. She says she needs a cure for the cure. I say she needs Robin.

  19. Cari Weaver says:

    My mother-in-law was told she had stage four kidney cancer about 8 weeks ago. Her doctor had her starting chemo pretty much the next day (even before he really knew what kind of cancer it was). We took her to a U of M kidney cancer specialist (who told her to stop the chemo) where she was told there was no cure and the best they could do was to slow down the spreading and try to keep her alive as long as possible. She needed to take 4 terrible pills every day for 12 weeks; then return and checked to see if the pills did the job – if not, she jumps on different pills. So discouraging and really devastating. I gave my mother-in-law your cd’s on the 12 Steps To Whole Foods. What else can I do? I don’t think I can convince her not to go the conventional/damaging route when she feels like a clock is ticking and she is reticent to go the healthier approach? Jane is truly the heart and spirit of my husband’s family – loosing her will be so crushing. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Boni says:

      Hi Cari, I would like to strongly recommend a book called “Knockout” – by Suzanne Somers & “Treasury of Natural Cures” by Jonathan V. Wright. Look it up on Amazon & see what you think. They’re very powerful and intelligent books.

  20. Have you heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, MD who successfully treated 1,000 patients with incurable cancer in the 1930’s? Look him up. After the unsuccessful attempts by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research and equipment, his office was ransacked, his research paper at work was stolen in the machine that healed all those cancer patients was destroyed.

  21. A friend of mine who is well into her 70’s was recently diagnosed with stage III or IV colon cancer. She had an inoperable tumor and was given 3 months to live–unless she underwent aggressive chemotherapy. She opted for the chemo, and although the side effects were, at times, very unpleasant, she lived through it all. She has now been given a clean bill of health, and told by her oncologist that her tumor is gone. She now has the after effects of the poisonous drugs..namely her hands, fingers and feet become very painful when they come in contact with anything cold. Does anyone have any suggetions? Thank-you.

  22. Sheilaray says:

    I’ve lost so many family members to cancer. this is such good information thank you for sharing

  23. Chris says:

    Great job on Chris’s podcast. I’m a 5 year brain cancer survivor and have been following Chris for a few years. I’m a big fan of yours as well. Keep doing what your doing!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    This is amazing! More people need to be brave like Chris and fight cancer the natural way. I would hope that if I’m ever diagnosed with cancer that I will fight it this way.

  25. Michele says:

    What a Blessing!!

  26. Jane says:

    I’ve been a follower for a long time & know you have written lots of posts about cancer. I was trying to send some information to a friend & when I search “cancer” – the search results only come back with a few items & most of the links don’t work. Is something up with this?

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