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Cheryl L. Wins Our Sauna Contest

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 27, 2014

Cheryl in her Healthmate sauna.

Cheryl in her Healthmate sauna.

With our annual group buy on infrared saunas going on now, I thought you’d like to see how Cheryl L., who won a FREE SAUNA last year in our facebook contest, is enjoying hers. (You had to “like” Healthmate Sauna, as well as GSG, on facebook, and then we had a drawing for those 5,000 people!)

Cheryal has a small apartment but squeezed her sauna into a corner. She says she feels better when she spends time in it–her muscles feel looser and her skin feels healthy. She likes to put a deep conditioning treatment on her hair and wrap it in a towel, to improve the health of her hair.

(Me, I like to put tons of coconut oil in my hair, use my skin brush, do 30 mins. in my sauna at 160 degrees reading a good book, and then take a shower.)

Everyone’s favorite benefit of an infrared sauna is the passive cardiovascular workout you get. Your heart rate is elevated like it would be in a brisk walk, and you just might sweat more than you would running 10 miles! But my own favorite thing might be just knowing the deep-tissue detoxification taking place. Infrared waves penetrate and vibrate cells up to a couple of inches deep, elevating white-blood cell activity and activating immune response to decrease inflammation and kill microbes.


Health Mate Sauna HM-NSE2-1CC


Here’s my report on the healing and restorative power of having your own infrared sauna. In a toxic world, it’s comforting to know you have some weapons at your disposal. And this time of year, who doesn’t want to get really warm right before bed every night? I love what infrared treatment does for my skin and my overall sense of well being. If you have a tax return coming, I hope you consider spending it on your own wellness.

We do not sell Healthmate Saunas—we simply arrange a group buy so that you can get wholesale price. You can’t see any pricing on this page where I summarize the research on infrared treatment. They don’t let us publicize the wholesale prices, to protect their dealers. Through the end of January, though, you get wholesale price, and your choice of two freebies, and free shipping! Request our Group Buy Pricing.

healthmate 3If you’re reading this blog entry after the fact….after January 2014, we will still get wholesale pricing for you year-round with our group-buying power. As long as they’re willing, we’ll keep bringing this to you. But their price is going up in Feb., and the freebies are only once a year, in our January promotion.

I hope you can have a little retreat-in-your-home. Everyone I have ever talked to, who has participated in our group buys, tells me they love theirs!

Write for pricing at saunas@greensmoothiegirl.com.

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2 thoughts on “Cheryl L. Wins Our Sauna Contest”

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  1. Mary Brown says:

    Speaking of winning! Thanks again for adding Columbia, SC to your tour for January 24, 2014.
    I wanted a detox and I won that!! I had just happened to convince my daughter to join me to hear you speak again Robyn and she won something also, a Blendtec — she is ecstatic. This is going to get her into the Green Smoothie lifestyle…I can feel it. Thank you so much for coming to see us

  2. Autumn says:

    We were thrilled that we won Robyn’s 12 steps to whole foods April 2012 and we use it just as much as the blender/almonds! Nearly 2 years of making homemade dressings, whole food recipes and I know we have just begun. This is the answer I was searching for on improving my health/well being. I cannot thank you enough Robyn!! 🙂 Looking forward to learning even more.

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