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Check out this 3-minute video of ME in my BED

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 24, 2015

I got an Intellibed several years ago. And the quality of my sleep radically changed. So, I talk about my bed, to people, a lot! In fact, I just did this short video in my bedroom. (It’s G-rated, don’t worry!)

I think it’s frustrating that virtually all the bed companies give you a 10-year warranty, but they also tell you that you need to buy a bed every 5-8 years. Fact is, some research shows that the bed has broken down 25% in the first 2 years, if it’s made with foam. And virtually all of them are.

My Intellibed just might be the last bed I ever buy. (I actually can’t wait to get home when I’m on a work trip in lovely Marriott and Hyatt hotels, because my bed at home is even better than those high-end hotel beds!)

So I went to my friends at Intellibed, who taught me a lot about sleep science, why supporting certain parts of the body in a certain way is critically important, and why our sleep and even our overall health suffers in a sub-par bed. I said, “How can I get a discount for my GreenSmoothieGirl readers, something better than they can get anywhere else? Plus, will you please make life easier for them by giving them some great stuff for free? You know I LOVE my Intelligel pillow.”

intellibedSo, for the next 2 weeks, you can get 10% off any mattress, plus a free $90 mattress protector, plus free sheets and TWO $149 Intelligel pillows! (I used to love my Bucky pillow……I don’t even know where it is, anymore, because my Intelligel pillow supports my head BETTER while I sleep, so I love it even more.)

This is a better deal than they’ve ever given my readers before! The only way you’re going to get that deal, and that almost $600 in free items, is by using “greensmoothiegirl” as your coupon code on the intelliBED website. All one word.

I wouldn’t trust a small child or baby on anything but Intelligel, because of the potential link of SIDS to mattress off-gassing. Virtually all other beds use polyurethane foam as padding, and then you’re breathing toxic chemical fumes one-third of your life. There’s no off-gassing with your Intellibed.

I have done this promotion with Intellibed in the fall, every year, but they offered to give my readers EXTRA freebies for a Memorial Day sale. So if you want to improve your sleep, now’s the best deal they’ve ever given us!

You can watch my full webinar on sleep quality, at GreenSmoothieGirl.com/Intellibed. Or, if you want to see what’s available, go to Intellibed.com. Just remember to use “greensmoothiegirl” as your coupon code. Soon I hope you’re enjoying fabulous REM sleep like I am! G’night!



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  1. Locke Rush says:

    Can I use raw juice(instead of fruit) as a food for my second ferment kefir? Thanks – Locke

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