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Carrie in Oregon tells us about her 26 days of Detox

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 20, 2014

On Jan. 3, we do the live, full-support GreenSmoothieGirl Detox together again! We have had well over 4,000 people join us since it launched 15 months ago!

It’s 26 days of eating a very pure diet to achieve cellular detoxification, as well as targeted cleansing of the colon, liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. Learn about it HERE.

A few weeks ago, Carrie in Oregon wrote us, about her experience finishing the program. I can really relate to emotional detoxification, which was my experience as well, the first time. I let go of things I had been harboring for years. As the body releases waste that may have been accumulating in the colon or elsewhere, for many years, protein fragments are released that some theorize contain the essence of emotions, including trapped negative emotions. Carrie said:

I decided to take the 26 day detox challenge to improve my health, I was utterly shocked when I lost 8 pounds, 6 of which I lost in the first week! I haven’t weighed this little in over a decade!

I also lost 2″ off of my stomach and 1″ off of my hips, although I FEEL like I lost about 6″ off of my stomach! I was dreading the 2 day watermelon section – I hate watermelon – but to my surprise they were very easy – I was a little hungry, but not starving or going crazy – I still hate watermelon though!

The biggest gain for me was letting go of some very strong emotional baggage. For the past 3 years my husband and I have been dealing with a very difficult situation that filled me with anger and frustration. I was always upset and felt out of control, and just in general “wound up way too tight.” I noticed on this cleanse how clear my head felt, literally and figuratively. Something would upset me, and I would speak my piece and move on. I wasn’t carrying around this dead weight anymore.

Detox manual newMy mom was simultaneously on a different cleanse, when she saw how much weight I was losing, she started asking me about what I was doing. My sister is thinking about doing this cleanse as well. I highly recommend it. It’s worth the investment—I will do it again! The full support is so important, it gives you so many more aspects to think about and I loved the lectures from the doctors. Know the science behind what you’re doing and seeing that there are individuals in the medical industry that agree with the “health nuts” is awesome!

My favorite foods were the hot pink breakfast smoothie (my daughter wants it every time I make it), the purple heaven, and the crunchy avocado salad.



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2 thoughts on “Carrie in Oregon tells us about her 26 days of Detox”

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  1. Great job Carrie! I agree about the emotional baggage getting detoxed as well. I have done the detox 3 times now and am so thankful for the full support. Each time I complete the detox it has been a different experience….like layers of an onion being peeled away. My hubby and I will be doing it again Jan 3, 2015.

  2. Lee Stahl says:

    I would like to try this detox but do not want to lose any weight. In fact I need more weight on. I do not eat processed foods, only organic, no sugar, etc. I lost a lot of weight when I changed l my diet and only recently gained 10 pounds which I do not want to give up. Any suggestions?

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