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Canada Family Copes with Childhood Cancer — With Green Smoothies

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Jun 14, 2013 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

derkson family

The Derkson Family with Coach Cathi

I got this email from Coach Cathi, who mostly works in Ohio and Michigan, but is venturing into Kentucky and Canada as well. Kristin and I love her.
If you ever get to meet her, you’ll know why. She’s so real and so good and kind and authentic. She’s been married for, like, forever, and the love between her and 6’6″ Bob makes me believe in forever-love and marriage and all that stuff.

Here’s what Cathi told me about a Canadian GreenSmoothieGirl family’s wonderful story, in the words of Christy, who is married to Darrin. They are
parents to Joshua, 12; Julia, 11; and Jael, 8, and Coach Cathi is here in the purple sweater.

“As I was traveling and teaching in Ontario, I met the most amazing family at my class.  I gave Christy the opportunity to
share her story with the 30+ people in class.  It was quite moving. Here it is:

“In Dec. 2010, we saw a blender demonstration at a Costco in London, Canada. The demo rep was very knowledgeable and directed us to Robyn’s The GreenSmoothies Diet.  After I read it, I found her website, watched a gazillion of her YouTube videos, and ordered the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course for myself for Christmas!

“This decision began a huge change in how we looked at food and our health. We became very intrigued with the potential of serving our kids 12 fruits and vegetables in their morning smoothie. We saw great results right away.

“Our daughter Julia had just passed her 2.5 year mark from her second bout with cancer. She had bowel issues from the effects of chemo and was not very friendly with fruits or vegetables since going through that ordeal. At times,  her reconstructed leg allows her the benefit of only limited mobility.

“Following the 12 Steps, my husband and I began to lose the weight and Julia started to have regular bowel movements.

“Everyone in the family began to crave vegetables. The adventures of dehydrating, making homemade bread from grain we milled ourselves, and kefir we fermented were family accomplishments!

“The most exciting moment came with a doctor visit for Julia. Chemotherapy greatly impacted her heart function, and therefore she gets an ECHO and ECG every year. However, this year she was recalled to have a second one, since heart functioning was lower than the previous scan.

“Six months after we began our journey with green smoothies and whole foods, her heart function had increased dramatically!  Today it is almost where it was prior to her chemotherapy treatment! On that 2010 day in June, the doctor wouldn’t give credit to green smoothies. He did, however, suggest she have one before her next heart check!”

The Derksen Family
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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  1. Kristel Jutte says:

    I too have had the pleasure of meeting this amazing family. Love your inspiring story. Keep up the great work! 😀

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