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A blog with no commentary

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 25, 2014

Just sit and reflect on this for a minute. I don’t have any words.


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14 thoughts on “A blog with no commentary”

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    This is so clearly fake. Obesity is a serious issue that millions struggle with, this man is not just shoveling his face with fast food all the time and I’m disgusted that you’d perpetuate that myth by sharing this (clearly photoshopped) picture. I can only hope that you have no words because you are also disgusted by the photo.

  2. Zak says:

    This is definitely photoshopped.

  3. lisae says:

    (reposting my comment)
    Please help me understand what is the point of this post? You posted a photo of an obese man who is eating with (possibly photoshopped) tattoos advertising various fast food joints. What does his exercising his choice to eat what he wants has to do with the mission and vision of GSG? Maybe this is a before he embarked on GSG photo. The plate looks empty so we don’t even know what he ate. Now if this man was physically fit, eating and still had (possibly photoshopped) tattoos, would his photo be posted to this page/blog with the same caption?
    Interestingly enough this photo and caption speaks more to me of the author than the photo. Sadly this is not a judgement free zone.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Lisae,

      Yes, if the man were fit, I would still post it. Because my point in posting it is to show the commitment level, the worship, even, of the addictive Standard American Diet that has now TWO THIRDS of us in terrible health. The fact that he is 250 pounds overweight does make the message more compelling.

      At what cost, our addictions? How much quality of life are we willing to give up?

      I was hoping we could reflect on the COST of that worship of these industries that are robbing us of our health. Since I lost my health to these industries—and then regained it, opting out—I’m super passionate about the cause.

      So, the terrible toll on this man’s health, and his ability to navigate this world, does make the statement of this photo more provocative.

      I’m not into judging or harming my fellow man. It doesn’t matter much to me if this is photoshopped or stock art (you can buy hundreds of photos of obese people as unidentifiable as this man is on stock-art sites)—the point is to think on this. What price am I personally willing to pay, for convenience and toxic addictions?

      That’s all. Peace and blessings!

      1. Bethany says:


        I’ve always been so impressed that even when you are attacked for something you’ve posted, you respond with grace and wisdom. You’ve never lashed out at those attacking you.

        Thank you for being such a good example for me!

  4. Kristal Christiansen says:

    Here, let me provide you with some commentary.This is what it sounded like…

    Hey loyal readers of my website,
    I found this picture today surfing google images and I came across a huge fat dude. I didn’t think that I he would care to be posted on my website because, after all his picture is already out there. Beside you can’t even see his face, its covered because he is stuffing it with fast food. Nobody will know that it is him since he has sunglasses on and he is turned away from the camera.

    Anyways, I was disgusted at how big this man had let himself get. How could he do this to himself? I am going to put a label (or 2 or more) on him of why he is fat. If only he would stop shoving his face with McDonalds and KFC then he would be skinny just like me and my coaches. I bet that his problem is that he is just fat and lazy.

    Readers, please don’t be like him. Be like me and drink green smoothies all day. Remember to exercise.

    Robyn, your skinny friend

    1. Robyn says:

      Hmm. Kristal, I’m sorry you took it that way. This is certainly not what I intend. It isn’t relative to me or the GSG coaches. Actually my heart breaks for all the people who have been duped by the fast food industry. I hope we can help rescue some of them.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I feel bad for this poor man. If they are real tattoos or not I still hope he was first asked permission to be photographed and then asked permission to have it blasted all over the internet. It is potentially hurtful and an invasion of privacy. Imagine his level of self esteem now. Robyn I know you can do him the courtesy and talk to him!

  6. Jenny says:


    I understand your point in posting this picture. I agree with your later comment, that our society has been duped by the fast food industry (among other industries). But, as Bethany pointed out, you always respond with grace and wisdom. This proves to me that you truly are concerned about our health. Thank you for continuing to shine light on the truth!

  7. Emily Davidson says:

    To all the nay sayers and critical commentators,

    I have BEEN one of those people (well, not that big but significantly overweight). I know how it feels to have people point and stare because you’re the “fat person”. I know how it feels to beat yourself up after each and every time you stuff your face with fast food because the craving was just too much to ignore. I’ve been hooked on the SAD all of my life. Robyn and her program have been a godsend. The week I started green smoothies, my cravings vanished. I am currently down 30 lbs (a lot more to go) and feeling my health return to me more each day.

    Robyn spends countless hours dedicating herself to teaching people how to take their lives back. I’ve never seen her post anything even remotely rude, condescending, or judgmental to those who choose not to eat a whole foods diet (If I remember correctly, she even references several friends who do not follow her lifestyle choices – and she never berates them). There is nothing in how she conducts herself that would suggest she’s trying to make fun of this poor man.

    So why would she post it? Whether it’s photo-shopped or not, most people see others around them every day that look similar to this man. We, as a country, are doing this to ourselves. I believe she is doing nothing more than trying to educate; to give us a reality check. I wish, when I’d been my largest, someone had shown me a photo of what I really looked like, gave me a reality check, and THE TOOLS TO CHANGE IT. My doctor told me a few months ago that if nothing changed, my chances of having a cardiac event in the near future was in the 90th percentile. I’m 29. And my stats are not abnormal for an American. That is a problem, and it needs to change. And no one can give us our health back but ourselves. So I want to take a minute to say thank you, Robyn. You (and your program) may very well have saved my life. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for informing the world of how they can transform their health, even when some may criticize you for it.

    1. Robyn says:

      Emily, bless you. For seeing where my heart was in this. Someone tattooing themselves with fast food marketing, whether it’s real or photoshopped (I desperately hope it’s the latter), I was hoping would make us think on what we value, what we worship, what we follow. Whether we’d be so much better off to opt out. Much love and peace on your journey—you can do this!

  8. Cherilyn says:

    Dear Robyn, you are too nice – that’s for sure. I’m sure the combative nature of some of these comments can be chalked up to people that have no life and spread their negative energy everywhere they go. Perhaps they are paid too – I have a friend that’s paid for this kind of thing. As for the picture – whether real or not – it shows me what I don’t want to be and that’s normal! It’s not easy to change but we can choose to be healthy.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Cherilyn, I choose not to absorb negative energies. (You’ll know why if you come to my 2014 lecture.) I like to defuse them if it’s possible to. One effort is enough though. 🙂

  9. lisae says:


    Thank you for responding. What makes 100% difference with this post is your commentary. If you had included your response to me in your initial post of this article it would have made all the difference in the world. In our society overweight people are demonized. That’s just the hard facts. There were so many ways to interpret this, not adding any commentary so we could read your POV is critical.

    To those that believe my and other (questioning) responses are of naysayers, negativity, and negative energies, you emit what you are (and it’s your cross to bear). And it’s strangely hypocritical. My original response presented Robyn with a variety of my view points and I wa attempting to understand why she posted a photo of an obese, tatted man with NO explanation. You may (have had) experience personally interacting with Robyn, great. I haven’t and don’t assume anything from anyone I don’t know.

    Robyn, again thank you for your response.

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