does my device REALLY neutralize harmful radioactive EMFs on my cell phone?

Before I post my thoughts about the antibiotic issue, I will give more people an opportunity to give an opinion. (My readers are smart, thoughtful, and experienced, so it’s fun to listen rather than talk sometimes!)

I got this comment on the blog today about a product I have on all my kids’ cell phones (and mine), my PC monitors, the TV screen, and the microwave, that I researched and then tested, myself, that neutralizes radioactive EMFs harmful to our brain. It’s called the xZubi Disc:


I just wanted to let you and others know that I showed the xZubi product to the naturopath doctor that I go to. She was very skeptical about it since there are many gimmicks out there that don’t work. However, to verify that it works, she used a device that measures EMF.

First she measured the EMFs emitted during a call using her cell phone (without the xZubi Disc) and then using my cell phone (with the xZubi Disc). The meter went off during the call using her her phone, but when we made a call using my phone the meter read 0. Based on our basic test, it appears that the xZubi Disc is neutralizing EMFs.


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  1. Thank you, Robyn. I read all your info about the xzubis.

    My husband recently bought me a smartphone for by birthday and I have been getting headaches every since. I thought it was from reading the small print on the phone, but I’m wondering if it is from the radiation? Maybe I am super sensitive to it.

    Do I need to put one on our wireless router (it is right next to our PC)? What about my Kindle (if the WiFi is off, does it emit radiation when I’m reading my Kindle books)?

    I guess I’m still hazy on what actually is emitting the radiation.

  2. Robyn,

    How long do these xzubis work- do you have to replace them? My husband is quite the skeptic about this. I had him watch your muscle testing video and he still didn’t really see how that proved anything. I just found a pdf from Quantum Biology Research I’m hoping he’ll read. Do you have any other information about this product? Their website is really uninformative. Thanks!


    1. They don’t wear out, Holli, unless they’re damaged. I do have quite a bit of info about the product, see links in my article under “Robyn Recommends” on

  3. As I understand it, there is a difference between EMFs and EMR. The above posts refers to EMFs. Electromagnetic Fields have to do with “dirty electricity” whereas Electormagnetic Radiation is actually far more destructive and difficult to control. EMR (aka radiofrequency electromagnetic fields) is emitted by cell towers, cordless phones, wireless routers and cell phones. Interestingly, just yesterday the World Health Organization released a statement that has classified EMR as potentially carcinogenic:

    The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) convened a group of 31 scientists from 14 countries to look at the health risks associated with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. They spent a week in Lyon, France, reviewing hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the issue.

    “The evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification,” Dr. Jonathan Samet, a University of Southern California scientist who chaired the working group, said in a statement.

    The IARC classifies carcinogenic agents according to different degrees, from “carcinogenic to humans” to “probably not carcinogenic.” Group 2B — the group that will now include radiofrequency electromagnetic fields — is defined as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” It also contains lead, DDT, engine exhaust, and chloroform, among other substances.


    It seems to me, the best way to deal with EMR is to eliminate it from the home. We have opted to remove all wireless devices from within our home. My husband has an Iphone (which is required within the context of his occupation) which he puts on Airplane mode when he brings it in the house. Basically, we work to minimize our family exposure as much as possible.

    And we need to continue to raise awareness on this issue and take Europe’s lead with regards to EMR. There are more and more instances of it being pulled out of public schools and other public buildings due to health concerns. Food for thought.

  4. robyn, i was just checking out your website. my first time there. i have been trying to go to a healthier eating lifestyle for my family (i have been doing okay for me but want to take it a step further). little bit by little bit. the hardest thing is dinner…for the whole fam. making good, filling meals without meat. i was looking at your recipe books and wondered what would be a good starting place? any advice would be appeciated. thanks!

    1. Laura, 12 Steps to Whole Foods is something you can adopt, piece by piece, for a lifetime. It has EVERYTHING in it. It’s always going to be my recommendation. But The Green Smoothies Diet is a good starting place.

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