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Baseball and green smoothies go so well together!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 15, 2014

pork rindsIt’s turned beautiful here in Utah, just in time for baseball season.There’s nothing I love more than a double header, sitting in the sun, cheering for my boy and his buddies, booing bad ref calls, and trying to get Tennyson to drink his base-running green juice. The superleague Mojo has been winning tournaments (and losing, too), in a tournament every weekend in March and April all over the Western states. I’m tanned and tanked up on Vitamin D from all the watching. Baby Boy is my last baseball player, and I don’t want to miss any of it!

When I got to the fields for the first game of this tournament, a parent was feeding his little kid Pepsi and this bag of pork rinds. I have never seen pork rinds actually being consumed, though I have seen them in grocery stores. I had always wondered if people actually eat them!

I sat right next to this open bag of “Chicharrones,” dying of curiosity for 20 minutes, before I finally got up enough courage to take a photo of it. Then I laid low, no one having seen the stealth photography, and, when no one was looking, picked up the bag and read at the ingredients on the back. I’d been betting myself that I would find monosodium glutamate.

After all, if someone is going to eat the fried, hairy skin of a pig (a bag is only $2, boasts the packaging! Well, yeah–it’s the SKIN OF A PIG)…….why would they know or care if it was seasoned with some neurotoxins that can do frightening damage to the brain and nervous system?

I was curious, grossed out, outraged, and then sad. That there are companies who actually make this crap.

MSGSure enough, monosodium glutamate is on the ingredient list. They didn’t even try to cover it up calling it “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” or one of many other things that are really the poison, MSG, whose main function as an ingredient is to create addiction. Why hide anything on this particular label? People who eat pork rinds aren’t exactly health nuts. They’ll never know the diff, I guess, is the reasoning.

baseball 2After two wins, my son had a quick meeting with his team where he randomly announced, “LOOK HOW FAST I DRANK MY GREEN SMOOTHIE!” So the boys celebrated that, and their advancement in the tourney, with a cheer to Tennyson’s almost-drained pint-‘o-love.

The best part? Believe it or not, I had nothing to do with this toast to the green revolution. I didn’t even take the photo. I saw it happening, and a coach said to me, “You are wishing you had that in a photo for your blog, aren’t you?” I grinned. Yep. He hollered at the boys to come back and do it again.

Go Mojo 2014!



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5 thoughts on “Baseball and green smoothies go so well together!”

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  1. Christy says:

    Awesomesaucy ! My 14 year old son loves and asks for his green smoothies everyday, but we still have to encourage his 11 year old sister to finish hers (I usually make them quite green). Even our fat Siamese cat loves them; he comes running when he hears the blender turn on !

  2. Diane Trudeau says:

    My grand daughters 7 and 9 can both make green smoothies for the family and frequently do. The whole family, even the 2 yr old, loves their smoothies.

  3. Michelle R. Snow says:

    Dear Robyn:
    I wanted to know when there is going to be a bulk buy as I am almost out of my gallon of Coconut Oil and I won’t buy it from anyone else but you as it is the best and I use it for everything from a hair product to lotion for my skin to cooking. Please help me get another one soon.
    Michelle R. Snow

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Michelle, sorry that we don’t have any except in the group buy in the fall, will be Oct/Nov! It’s great stuff, huh. I’m oil pulling with it right now.

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