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Back from Michigan; Gas Station Blingy Shoes; my 2014 ALL-NEW Speaking Tour!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 24, 2013

Coach Cathi Waalkes

Coach Cathi Waalkes

I’m back from a speaking tour to Grand Rapids and Troy (Michigan); Cincinnatti, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

What a blast hanging out with Coach Cathi Waalkes. And our customer support manager and newest customer support rep, Beckie and Bob Waalkes. That’s Cathi’s daughter and husband.

When we hired Bob, who is 6’8″ (he would be scary if he weren’t so dang nice), I asked him, “Are you guys planning a hostile takeover at GSG?”

He said, “It won’t be hostile.”

I said, “Cool. Can I just have a little desk in the corner and will you let me sit there and write stuff?”

My next book to come out, only it won’t be for SALE, is called, “How to Eat Right In the Real World.” If you work full-time. If you’re raising kids. If you travel. If you go to restaurants. If you have an active social life that involves parties and BBQ’s.

More on that later, and how I won’t be selling the book, but how you can get it anyway.

Cathi took me for a 50-mile bike ride around Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon…on our ONE day off, in the lecture tour. A lovely day, so much fun. Bob is fast becoming one of my favorite dudes ever. Ever since he jumped in the car and drove 10 hours round trip to get all the stuff we somehow left behind in Grand Rapids.

Cathi's fantastic Tower Garden

Cathi’s fantastic Tower Garden

Even though, in classic Dude form, he SPLIT, when talk amongst me, Cathi, and her girlfriends turned to female orgasm, menstrual cycles, and of course green smoothie schtuff.

Too. Much. Information. Poor Bob.

I took this photo of Cathi’s backyard Tower Garden. It’s a product sold by Juice Plus (network marketing) and cost about $500. It self-waters! So if you travel like I do, or neglect your garden, you come home and you have this amazing kale, collards, and chard that was ready to pick, here in Cathi’s photo! That’s really expensive, but THIS is what I found when I searched “tower garden” on Amazon.

blingy flip flopsCathi likes to let her apprentice coaches know that I am goofy, I think. Whatever. I don’t care that they all know how odd I am. She kept telling people that she saw me buy the shoes I was wearing…see my blingy flip-flops?….that I got at a GAS STATION in Kentucky. It’s true.

She probably told people that I buy my bohemian dresses on zulily.com for, like, $13 to $18! They don’t wrinkle in my suitcase, and I don’t have to plan for matching tops/bottoms, just grab one out, add sandals, and they’re super comfy and pretty.

So I buy my shoes in gas stations but not my food. Just keepin’ it real.

Thanks to my friends in Canada, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan for a super-fun lecture tour. See you next year. I’ll soon be announcing that I’m RETIRING THE GREEN SMOOTHIE SHOW this year! Next year I’ll have an all-new lecture, and I’ll announce the 75 cities that I’m going to speak in…soon, stay tuned!

Just a teaser: everybody who comes gets my new book, How To Eat Right In the Real World..will ONLY be given free to those who come to my 2014 lectures. I’m so excited! I have a million ideas and real-world advice to share, and I’ll be gathering ideas from YOU, soon, as well.

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