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back from Costa Rica: can you eat well there?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 09, 2009

I am back from Costa Rica.   It was supposed to be a 7-day trip, using Delta buddy passes given to me (very inexpensively) by a friend.   Unfortunately at the end of our trip, we spent THREE DAYS in the airport trying unsuccessfully to get out of Costa Rica until I finally bought both of us full-price tickets home, the last seats on the plane.   (My friend is a tennis coach without the means to pay for hers.)   Turns out her mother and sister had felt strongly (independent of each other) to PRAY her home right before I produced a credit card at the Delta counter, even though I hadn’t planned to do that.   It’s a good thing, because flights have been booked through today, so we’d still be there . . . and you may have seen on the news that the airport city, San Jose,  got rocked by a 6.4 earthquake this morning and the whole city is in chaos with thousands in the streets.

So, I’m glad to be home!   I feel  blessed to not still be there.   Pray for the Costa Ricans!

Can you avert the normal travelers’ diet  eat plant food in Central America?   (You know I’ve been globe trotting this past year–that’s my 16th country–and am a little obsessed with that question.)

Well, Central America is the place for FRUIT!   It’s so beautiful–watermelon and pineapple and papaya and this most amazing thing called GUANABANA.   We made a smoothie of guanabana pulp we got a quart of in a grocery store, plus ice and Greens to Go from Costco . . . the most unbelievable smoothie of my life.   YUM!   (Unfortunately, I am unaware of anywhere you can get this fruit in the U.S.   Anybody?)

Greens to Go is nowhere near the nutrition of VitaMineral Green that I offer on the site and in local group buys.   But it comes in little packets you can rip the top off and add to a bottle of water.   That stuff saved me in the airport, and it tastes really good!

If I can’t figure out how to post photos here (a problem I have  had lately), I’ll have Ritesh do it for tomorrow: see me with some of the local stuff I pulled right out of the trees!   Okay, I was holding my friend’s 7-year old daughter up under a coconut tree, and she was banging on the coconut with a big glass Coke bottle we found on the ground (dumb, I know, but it’s all we had) . . . and a local felt sorry for us and pulled over and gave me that giant coconut in the photo from the trunk of his car.   Then I found another guy with a machete, and voila!   Fabulous electrolyte- and mineral-rich coconut liquid!   And a photo of what the white-faced monkeys eat–we should take a page from them!


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4 thoughts on “back from Costa Rica: can you eat well there?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The fruit in your hand (not the coconut) looks like what we call “Star Fruit” in Australia. Maybe you can find it under that name.

  2. http:// says:

    Yes, sorry–I meant to say that’s star fruit that was in trees everywhere. I learned to pick the YELLOW ones (sweet) because the GREEN ones are kind of sour.

    It is fun to visit a kick-back place in Central America where people are still wearing a towel around their waist at 10 a.m., but I love the PRODUCTIVITY of the good old US of A.

  3. I’m curious if you picked up any intestinal bugs on any of your travels over the last year??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Guanabana is also known as soursop here in the US.

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