Baby Emery a “Green Smoothie Girl in Training!”

baby emeryCarrie in West Jordan, Utah, is a young mom with two little boys, plus baby Emery, pictured here, her “green smoothie girl in training!” Carrie wrote us about how she has watched her mother struggle with autoimmune problems her entire life, and recently lost her father to a heart attack. Even Carrie’s older siblings already have similar health problems to their parents, so Carrie, the youngest of a large family, is a passionate 12 Steps to Whole Foods follower. She says,

“I feel confident that I am giving my children the best nutrition for their growing bodies! Emery is a happy, healthy baby, at 8 months old her diet consists of breast milk & green smoothies!”

too cuteMy son Tennyson is looking over my shoulder right now and just said, of Emery’s photo, “Wow, she’s adorable with those blue eyes. But that’s a mess.” Personally, I just saw the adorable.


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  1. This warms my heart. It’s nice to be reminded that there are other moms of babies trying to do what’s they know to be the best thing for the health of their children. It can be so hard to not fall into a diet of prepared sides and processed entrees when it feels like we hardly even have time to shower.

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