Babe says: It looks like S, it smells like S, it tastes like S

That’s what she called her friend and said, when she first started drinking green smoothies. (I am not recommending this as a method of winning your friends over to the habit. But that’s what she said.) It’s what she announced to 100 people in Riverton Friday night.

Still, I think it’s better than compressing whole leaves of kale and chard and swallowing them as fast as possible–minimally chewed–which is what you are seeing here, with my new friend Babe, the wisecracking massage therapist.

6 thoughts on “Babe says: It looks like S, it smells like S, it tastes like S

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  1. Do you have Nourishing Traditions, Lala? She tells in there how to do it… if you don’t I would be glad to get it to you. Just let me know.

  2. hey Robyn have you ever tried making corn tortillas?! I have this organic corn from azure and was planning on trying to figure out how to make tortillas from finely ground flour (in my nutrimill) come to find out MASA is special and I can treat it myself at home (there’s no way I’m paying to buy a gluten free safe organic masa- it woul dbe too pricey) anyone ever treated with the calcium hydroxide? is there a healthy way to make this work? like plain LIME?! anyone?! THANKS

    1. Lala, yes I have—grew up with a Mexican family friend who made us tortillas all the time, very easy with a tortilla press. I imagine corn tortillas you buy in the store have that chemical in them too.

  3. okay, and i’m still questioning my feelings about this experience. was i grossed out, thinking babe was a rock star, or wondering why… she was hilarious. one thing i know for sure, i’m really glad i didn’t volunteer 🙂

  4. Hi Robyn,

    It’s Alisa. Just wondering if you could come and help us out in Richfield. We’re planning a health and wellness fair for May 21st. We would love to have the Sun Warrior people come as well. What do you think?

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