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Autumn, Alex, and Austin are today’s heroes!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 04, 2012

GSG reader Lisa B. recently read my challenge that, to help kids adopt a really healthy habit, I’d put their photo and story on my blog if they drank green smoothies every day for a month and wrote me. (The challenge is still open for YOUR kids.)

Lisa was already a green smoothie girl and had always wanted her kids to be, too. The youngest three, age 6, 4, and 2, were up for the challenge, and the oldest even got motivated halfway through. If Lisa forgot to make smoothies, they reminded her!

Lisa wrote that she would make an entire blenderful and get only a small cup for herself because they wanted more, more, more. (Her green smoothies look good, nutritionally, too—very green as you can see in this photo! Lisa says they were “straight fruit and veggie.”)

She writes, “Thank you for the challenge. We all grew from it.”

Autumn, Alex, and Austin, you are today’s GreenSmoothieGirl Heroes! I am so proud of you! Now, write me an email when you’ve been doing this for a year! You will grow BIG and TALL and STRONG! When all the other kids are sick, you will be healthier! You will do better in school and run faster and be your very best self!


Robyn (GreenSmoothieGirl)

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