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What kind of water should I drink?

Most people know that tap water isn’t good for us. But this is what most people don’t know: Why should we drink alkaline water? And why should we rethink bottled, reverse osmosis, and distilled water?

Toxic Chemicals

In order to kill parasites and bacteria in water, governments add other possibly even more disturbing chemical agents and pathogens such as chlorine, carbon, phosphates, aluminum sulfate, and lime. Most municipal water supplies also contain some or all of the following toxic chemicals: radon, arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals, such as copper, lead, and iron.

Pesticides and fertilizers may leach into groundwater supplies as well; they include cyanides, asbestos, and industrial chemicals.

People are wise to want to eliminate these contaminants before drinking tap water. But how to deal with the problem can be confusing.

Bottled Water

Some people are drinking cases full of bottled or “spring” water rather than far superior alkaline water. Most of these sources are NOT from actual springs with naturally mineralized water. Many companies are now simply bottling tap water, for convenience. Those who purchase bottled water are contributing to over 1 million plastic bottles going to landfills every day. But they also risk health effects from chemical toxins called phthalates that are sometimes added to plastics to give them flexibility.

plastic water bottlesPhthalates function like hormones, disrupting endocrine systems in humans (especially children), according to Dr. Rolf Halden of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. If you heat plastics, phthalates leach from containers into water and food. Of course, water bottles are stored and transported in hot warehouses and trucks, which increases that likelihood. Bottled water should be avoided, and water should be contained in inert materials like glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Water Filters

Many people believe that a reverse osmosis (R.O.) water filter is the best way to address these issues, as it removes about 99 percent of these contaminants. Others use distilled water, which removes 100 percent (while affecting the taste of the water significantly).

Unfortunately, your R.O. system or distiller cannot differentiate between good compounds and bad. They categorically remove dozens of trace minerals from the water that are critical to your health.

Because your body requires minerals for a variety of processes, if it does not receive them in water, it must rob your bones and tissues of these elements, possibly leaving you deficient and prone to a variety of health problems.


A good answer to this problem is to install a remineralizer, using the well documented organic material coral calcium, after the R.O. system and before it leaves the tap and enters your glass. If you choose to use a distiller, you can add mineral drops (Trace Minerals Research is a good company) to the alkaline water.

Why drink alkaline water?

You’ll get more antioxidants than you could eat in a day, from your water. Add a water ionizer to make your water alkaline, installing it after the R.O. system and remineralizer, if you have R.O. already. Not only will you have alkaline water to use in all cooking and drinking, but you’ll also have acid water for many other uses (cleaning, killing bugs on plants, anti-bacterial). Influence Water has a unit that mounts under the sink—I have one and love it.

Water Facts

Water needs to be purified, but minerals are removed along with contaminants, causing mineral leaching from your body’s tissues and bones. For ideal drinking water, install a reverse osmosis system, followed by a remineralizer and a water ionizer, all easily mounted under the sink. (Or, at least use just a water ionizer, which does quite a bit of filtration.) Further, consider having a plumber put fairly inexpensive carbon filters on the water supply to your home, since you absorb more chlorine in a shower than you can drink all day long.

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