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Arizona here we come! And some fun comments from readers….

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 07, 2011

We are pretty excited to leave early in the morning for Arizona. We’re doing something really new and cool: BLENDTEC is sponsoring the show from here on out, and I’m giving away a $435 blender at each lecture plus $500 in others of my favorite things. Get your raffle tickets here for MESA, TUCSON, or GLENDALE.

A long time ago, I wrote this blog entry: “Do you use your green smoothie as a license to eat a boatload of junk?”

A brave and honest reader just posted this yesterday, in response:

“I had to come back a year and a half later and comment.   For the longest time I didn’t think I was that “Oreo” person, but I am. I think I went and got a handful of Oreos right after I read this post thinking, ‘That’s not me, I eat super healthy. I don’t eat junk food, I have salad every night, I’m practically vegetarian, I eat all whole grains, that just isn’t me. I haven’t had Oreos in years. I eat so healthy– I’ll just eat this handful of Oreos to reward myself. Just this once won’t hurt.’   I have the ‘just this once’ conversation with myself every night about 8pm, then I find something nice and sugary.

“I’m a sugar addict and I often use smoothies, salad, and other health foods from the day to justify the sugar sprees at night.   I used to wonder why you always said ‘get off sugar’ like it was a drug or something, but I’m starting to realize it is like a drug.   Maybe not a drug for everyone, but it is for me and probably a lot of other people.   I’m admitting it now, so I think I might have a chance at finally kicking the habit.   Wish me luck.”

Also, JILL and her husband drove two hours to attend my class in Bakersfield. She wants us to check out the exciting changes in her husband’s heart health, in just 5 weeks since implementing what she learned there….check it out HERE! In her blog, she took photos of the class, inserts links to my story, and copied the text messages from her twin daughters Kim and Kris (internet celebrities in the crafting world), 12 Steppers who attended my class in Utah a year or so ago. Some of her friends sound like they want to follow suit with whole-foods habits!


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  1. I had a friend years ago at work who had befriended a marijuana addict. She was trying to be a good influence in his life. One day she said to him, “I will go off sugar if you will go off marijuana.” He agreed to her terms. She was always eating candy and candybars so this would be good for both of them. Well a couple days later, she cracked. She just couldn’t go without her sugar. He said he could have gone longer without the marijuana but now he didn’t have to. My friends, SUGAR IS AN ADDICTION FOR EVERYONE!

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