Are we non-conformist “sheep?”

non-conformist kale juice

I always laugh to myself when adolescents start a movement to show how non-conformist they are. Lately, Goth. Emo. Hipster.

Ironically, they all dress alike to show how different they are.

I thought this infographic was entertaining. Hopefully being a health nut doesn’t always equate to smug self-righteousness. Hopefully we don’t line up behind everything just because a conservation-oriented or liberal-minded person says it. Hopefully we retain our critical thinking skills.

Food for thought. Enjoy!

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  1. Food for thought. I’d pretty strongly guess it’s from a different perspective than Robyn’s. If you check out the Competitive Enterprise Institute (where the graphic came from), you’ll find they are very pro-business and tend to poo-pooh what they call “junk science,” which includes causes most of us reading Robyn’s blog are pretty concerned about. But it’s a warning not to run down every health “rabbit trail” without putting a critical thinking cap on. I think all human beings have a natural tendency to be like sheep in our opinions and actions (which is probably why the Bible calls us sheep so often!) Something to be aware of as we consider the paths we take — no matter what the subject is.

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