Anyone up for another Blendtec giveaway?!?

BlendTec Designer Series with Touchscreen

Congratulations to Tiffany Olson of Utah who won the Blendtec!

Also, her comment cracked us up! See it cut and pasted below . . .

No video today! Instead, we are giving away ANOTHER Blendtec! Who will win? For a fun twist today, you get an entry for EVERY comment you make. Make as many as you want. BUT, each comment has to be a TIP about green smoothies for other readers. Anything that has helped you!

Here’s Tiffany’s comment from yesterday:

10 Reasons I need to win a Blendtec….
1. Drinks: Make Green Smoothies (or other yummy drinks!)
2. Soups: Make yummy root vegetable soups
3. Salad Dressings: Emulsify….need I say more?!
3. Entertainment: I’d love to try to Blendtec my hubby’s golf balls
4. Noise: I’d love to run my blender to help drown out the sound of my kids teen shows
5. Counter Decor: I am a bit of a minimalist with items on my kitchen counters, so I need more, really!
6. Cool Kid: Everyone who is cool has a Blendtec…I want to be a cool kid too!
7. Love: I would forever have a place in my heart for Blendtec & Robyn Openshaw (aka Green Smoothie Girl)
8. Sacrifice: I will truly make an effort to cut back on my current green juice (aka Dt Mtn Dew)
9. Winner: I NEVER win! I dream about being a winner of something, anything, but especially a Blendtec!
10. Do Gooder: I donated a shipment of playground jump ropes to Mothers Without Borders this summer!

Thank you to all for participating! Good luck!

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