another sprouted-almond recipe

This spicy variation on my sprouted, flavored  raw almond recipes for you comes from reader Steve (and I wrote you back to say thanks, Steve, but emails always bounce back from you):

Spicy Almonds

10 cups raw almonds, soaked overnight and dehydrated at 105 degrees approx. 6 hours

½ cup dates

2 Tbs Himalayan Crystal Salt

2 Tbs agave

3 cloves garlic

2 tsp cayenne

3 habanero peppers

1 pasilla pepper

1 lime without skin

Enough water to blend

Blend all ingredients except almonds in BlendTec on high until smooth. Pour into a

bowl, add almonds and stir well. Let mixture sit for an hour to allow nuts to absorb

liquid, and then stir again. Spread nuts on teflex sheets in dehydrator. Dry at 105

degrees for about 16 hours. Place nuts on mesh sheets and dry again until crunchy

(about 10 hours).

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  1. you know those Aero gardens? well aren’t they like—well futile? donl’t plants get their nutrients and oxidants (atleast fruit, etc) from the sun and stuff like that? do you know much about them? I LOVE LOVED the idea when I saw it becuase I am in an apartment with No room and can’t wait to have a garden some day–and this would get me one now–but it’s kind of expensive and would nutrients be real and high? thanks! (if you don’t know–maybe someone else can chime in)

  2. Robyn,

    I think that what you are doing is so wonderful! I was introduced to your site about a month ago and I absolutely love it!! I am a certified FootZonologist and believe that our diet definately affects our health and wellbeing. The whole foods and raw foods education goes hand in hand with what I teach my clients. YAY raw food!

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