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Another green mustache photo!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 20, 2009

Check out GSG reader Jenna’s daughters, with their green smoothie mustaches!   They’re beautiful! (The girls more than the green on their faces!)

Jenna is a beautiful redhead living in Switzerland (an expat, I think), and this is part of her email to me:

“Thank you for inspiring me to eat healthier. I have recently made the change in our home to a plant based diet. We were already eating pretty healthy before but have now completely eliminated dairy and animal meats. Not easy to do in a country that is filled with cheese and meat. I am finding my way. My husband is completely supportive of this lifestyle change and I could not be more pleased.”

And here’s Jenna’s blog with her favorite GS recipe:


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4 thoughts on “Another green mustache photo!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVE the fancy glasses 🙂 cute girls!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grüezi an eine Green Smoothie Familie in der Schwiez:-)

    Schön zu sehen das auch die Schweiz hier vertreten ist. Wir wohnen in der Nähe von Stuttgart und geniessen auch Green Smoothies. Meine Tochter ist 5 Jahre alt und wir sind immer einmal im Jahr in der Schweiz. Kleine Welt…

    Frohe Weihnachten noch!


    Hello to a Green Smoothie Family in Switzerland:-)

    Nice to see someone from Switzerland here. We live near Stuttgart and also enjoy green smoothies. My daughter is 5 years old and we’re always in Switzerland once a year. Small world…

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the fancy glasses, perhaps I need to let my kiddos pick out some new glasses to bring back the excitement of the smoothies…it has lost a little of its pizazz lately.

  4. What a fun picture of my girls! Thanks Robyn.

    Yes, I am an expat in Zürich for a little while longer. We are from Arizona but moving back to the States to the Seattle area. I can’t wait to get back and buy some of the amazing products that are offered in the States and group buys.

    Grüezi Evi – Happy New Year – Long live European Green Smoothie Families ! ! !

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