Annette finds green smoothie ingredients for free

Check out this letter Kristin got from GSG reader Annette, who just installed a window sticker on her car and sent us these hilarious photos. We’ve gotten green-smoothie mustache photos of dogs, horses, and bunnies—but the guinea pig, that’s new! We love getting this stuff, so please tell us about your family and the COOL, or HARD, or CRAZY, stuff that happened in your shift to a whole-foods lifestyle.

It’s a journey, not a destination, and we’re all just at different points on the really awesome path! (Oh, and we have SEVEN car stickers left, so write if you love this mission enough to want one in your back window! We have had such exciting stories come in from people who radically changed their life for the better after just seeing the site name in our car window….and going there to begin an adventure towards a better life.)

Dear Kristin:

My sticker arrived today! Yay!  I was hootin’ and hollerin’!  My three girls had to tell me to quit.   Now to convince my fire-truck, mechanic, hotness of a husband that I REALLY need that sticker on the back window—for Mother’s Day! Thank you so much! I had no idea it was so big, but I love the idea because now I don’t have to have people inching up to my bumper in traffic to read the amazing news Robyn has to share with them.

I feel intimidated to share Robyn in such a dynamic way, because she is such an amazing woman, but thrilled that I get to.  One thing is I will no longer hide in the closet as the green smoothie totin’ junkie.  The whole world will know now!

Thanks for all you do to support Robyn in sharing with the world!  My girls are convinced even more, that green smoothies are the way of getting super-power nutrition to their cells in a skinny, super-power moment.  My youngest, just wrote on her lid of her quart jar, to mark her territory, “Green Smoothie Girl is awesome!”  As a matter of fact, right now, they are feeding some of their green smoothies to our guinea pigs.  Ha!  Not too much, mind you.

One really fun thing for us is to go the Farmer’s Market and visit our favorite stand.  One FULL of greens.  They cut off all the amazing greens of beets, turnips and carrots.  We forage for bags of free greens.  I feel guilty not taking it all and mourn over the greens that people are having cut off and tossed on the ground.  Ha!  I’m a true green smoothie junkie. Of course, the greens season is winding down here in Cali and I will have to figure out a different way to grow my own greens in the hot temps, but for now we’re rockin’ in green-land.

When I do buy beets with tops, the farmer always asks if I want them cut off and we have a good laugh, because he knows I’m the only customer that treasures the greens more than the root veggie.  I often have the opportunity to share with other buyers standing there waiting to have their greens cut off.  “Don’t murder the greens!”

—Annette T. in Cali

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    1. Michelle, NP. Could be worse–now you’ll stop chucking them! Also you can eat zucchini and other squash leaves, grapevine leaves, strawberry tops, and of course some weeds.

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