and let me add a dentist to my suggestions for you

While I’m blogging about a great M.D. whose frontline isn’t drugs, surgery, and technology interventions . . .

If you’re on the Wasatch Front, check out Dr. Garon Larsen. He is a dentist and attended a GreenSmoothieGirl class. He is highly interested in helping his patients with their nutrition, and he offers my books (and will be a 12 Steps dealer when we launch that, soon) in his practice. Even more wonderful, he is sending a lot of toothbrushes to Peru with us for the orphans, next month when we go on our humanitarian mission! Thank you Dr. Larsen!

He is a distance runner, and his professional interests don’t stop at dentistry: he also helps people use natural ways to address sleep apnea and snoring.

He doesn’t use amalgam fillings any more (I wish all the U.S. dentists would abandon them because of their mercury content–please always choose white/porcelain fillings).

Dr. Larsen is in Alpine, Utah, and his web site is

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  1. Dr. Farid is a biological dentist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He does not use mercury and follows a strict protocol for removal of same.

    What a breath of fresh air to have someone take care of your mouth and teeth who does not push garbage, just because it is cheap.

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