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an interesting green smoothie testimonial

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 12, 2009

I have lots more testimonials I haven’t posted yet.   I’ve blogged in the past about the personality changes and mood improvements that people experience when they toss the refined foods and start eating whole, mostly-raw plant food.   Here’s an interesting testimonial from a reader named Grace that came in this morning through the questionnaire on the site:

“Green smoothies have changed my life in so many ways. At first, I got caught up in the physical changes and although very important, I am now seeing other transformations taking place on mental and emotional levels as well, which I had not anticipated. I feel more focused, have smoother energy, am less irritable, and am noticing the ‘beauty’ of nature, people, things. . .

I used to resist everything–subway ride to and from work, incoming calls (work in an office), bills, deadlines, etc. Nowadays, I just feel more appreciative and have changed the way I look at life, drawing strength from things that inspire passion and dream. Instead of resisting, I’ve learned that by treating things differently (keeping an open heart and a positive attitude with much gratitude), I end up feeling differently about them as well. Sometimes the smallest shift can take you in a different direction. And yes, all this from green smoothies!!!

But to keep myself inspired, I will share that my skin is glowing, the shape of my face is much more refined, I’ve lost weight, my eyes are clearer, hair shinier. I feel that my breathing has enhanced–can take in more air. I have to attribute these changes to eating a plant based diet which includes daily green smoothies. Greens are powerful detoxifiers and sources of great nourishment. And fruit, well what can I say about fruit? They get such a bad rap but I think they are the most cleansing foods on the planet. Maybe that’s why they’re frowned upon and viewed as the culprit for candida, high blood sugar, weight gain, etc.–they ‘stir’ things up and work hard to push toxins and sludge out of the body. These cleansing reactions although unpleasant, are necessary. You will feel worse before you feel better. And I think that’s the point. At least, that’s been my experience. Fruits and greens together, I consider them a match made in heaven!!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a green smoothie testimony!

  2. I’ve noticed that change also- positive outlook on life. I just didn’t credit it to green smoothies or diet changes. But that is probably what I owe it to!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is interesting, because I have also started to really notice a shift in my overall attitude about everything! I used to suffer from depression, but since I’ve started with green smoothies and began to make the shift to eating a mostly raw diet, my sense of happiness and well-being is remarkably improved. I, too, am finding myself stopping to enjoy the beauty of nature, when I used to completely ignore it. My friends and family have all noticed that I am different, and much more positive and cheerful. In addition to all of the emotional changes, I have lost 30 pounds almost effortlessly. The better I eat, the more energy I have, so I find myself actually WANTING to go for a run- 6 months ago that was unheard of. I don’t even have to preach to anyone about my new eating habits, they all want to know what I’m doing- these kinds of results speak for themselves. I love green smoothies!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to suffer from depression, but since I’ve started with green smoothies and began to make the shift to eating a mostly raw diet, my sense of happiness and well-being is remarkably improved. I

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