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amalgam fillings—friend or foe?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Apr 18, 2012

I never thought twice about letting the dentist pack mercury into my teeth. Then, with that mercury “safely” packed into my cranium, I cracked ice with my teeth relentlessly for many years. Ten years ago I learned about the importance of getting the mercury OUT of my mouth, and I had my totally traditional dentist drill out my fillings and replace them with composite fillings.

He scoffed at the idea that this was needed—but in the end, wasn’t going to watch me go to another dentist to have it done. Unfortunately, he tried desperately to get a dental dam in place in my small mouth—I had read that is important and insisted on it. But when he couldn’t pull it off, I let him drill all that mercury out with no protection besides my tongue from it going down my throat!

Take a look at this highly-watched scientific proof that mercury can and does off-gas out of your teeth. You often don’t know your teeth are cracked.

Mercury, the second-most toxic substance on Earth, coming off your teeth as gas, crosses the blood-brain barrier and is well known to cause all kinds of neurological havoc, including Alzheimers. Here’s a five-minute video by Canadian researchers about the literal “brain damage” caused by mercury exposure.

This one’s easy. Don’t put metal fillings in your face. If you have them, have a biological (holistic) dentist remove them safely and replace them with composite.

The next issue, root canals, is thornier!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know firsthand how devastating mercury can be to one’s health. I grew up the daughter of a traditional dentist, and my sisters and I were always at my dad’s dental office. What we didn’t know was that we were all being poisoned by the mercury vapors we were breathing in, along with the amalgam fillings being put in our mouth, of course. Mercury ruins your immune system and causes all manner of disease, both physical and mental. My dad (the one with the highest exposure) died from pancreatic cancer at age 50, and almost all of my siblings, myself included, have autoimmune diseases, or mental illness, or both. I’ve struggled with health problems my whole adult life, about 14 years ago was tested for heavy metal toxicity, and it was then that I discovered the mercury poisoning. I immediately had all my amalgams removed and it took me many years of detoxing to remove most of the mercury from my system. It’s crucial, like you suggested, to go to a mercury-free, biological dentist who will take all the necessary precautions in removing the amalgam fillings. Otherwise, you will be exposed to an even greater amount of mercury in the removal process than you are when the fillings are just in your mouth. DAMS is a nonprofit group that offers information on what to look for in a mercury-free dentist and the steps they need to take when removing fillings. They also have a list of providers for where you live. And be careful, some dentists claim they are, but they are not!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, I think I should also mention that Dr. Royal at the Nevada Clinic (which you mention in a previous birthday post) is the doctor who finally diagnosed me with the mercury poisoning. Heavy metal testing and his detox protocol saved my life! I had gone to a lot of other doctors before him, with no luck. Heavy metal toxicity just isn’t on the typical Western, mainstream doctor’s radar.

  3. Thanks for posting this. And I have to give a shout out to Dr. Royal and his clinic and team too. They saved my mother’s life back in the 80’s from adrenal exhaustion, and taught her not to have amalgam fillings, so she taught us not to get them, and taught her about the protocol to safely remove them and also to detox from heavy metal poisoning. I know there are others who do this, but I can’t say enough good about him and those whom he works with. So many people are fooled into thinking that amalgam is safe and it’s usually cheaper….so I’m glad you wrote something about it.

  4. Hello Robyn,

    I was happy to see your post about this today. I am so confused about dental work. I hear mixed things. Holistic dentists are very expensive and don’t cover insurance. I had a very painful tooth pulled a couple of months ago that had a root canal. I also have some amalgam fillings. I am scheduled for an implant this week that is titanium. My oral surgeon says he can do a zirconium one but that it’s not 100% zirconium. It’s about $1800 and that is very expensive to me. A holistic dentist in bountiful says he has a 100% zirconium implant but it is $3000. I really can’t afford It. My oral surgeon says its impossible to have 100% zirconium or it would brake! Aaaaaaa! I don’t know who to believe. Do you have some insight on implants for me and what to do? I also would like to get these fillings out. Do you think I could use my regular dentist? It would save me a lot!

    Thanks for your help and time!


  5. What is the alternative for getting a root canal?

  6. Can anyone suggest a reliable dentist in the Salt Lake City north or south areas that are holistic that have good track records of amalgam extraction? I need to get a number of them taken out and I have just been looking on line. Rather have a first hand referral from someone that has been there. Does this chap in Las Vegas just do dentistry or is he a medical doctor?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am fairly local in comparison to your vicinity, do you know of any biological (holistic) dentists in our area?

  8. Anonymous says:

    You are more than right. I’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now. I have tow friends that have been diagnosed with toxic mercury poisoning and I have done a lot of reading about the fillings. When you think about it, Americans have more case of Alzheimer than any other country and we also have so called better dental care (or so we say)…we like to look good! We used the mercury fillings all these years and laughed at the Brits for not caring for their teeth, but they didn’t loose their minds lie we do. Looks like a trade off huh? I feel certain, if we all were tested, we would find a huge percentage of us have mercury in our systems and that is what is causing the huge rate of dementia n the States and don’t forget, this country grew up on canned tuna fish too! Don’t eat any fish larger than a frying pan as a rule of thumb. The older a fish, the more time is has to absorb mercury. Play it safe. A 300lb fish is 10 years old. Lots of time to take it all in. Eat line caught fish or small fish only!!!! Stay away from tuna in restaurants!!!!

  9. I’ve had referrals for a Dr. Wall in Bountiful. My cousin and sister-in-law have been to him and really like him.

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Kristen and anyone looking for a Utah referral, I’ll blog next week about my visit to Dr. Ulm today in Lindon—he is a biological or holistic dentist. I learned some great stuff. I was told by Dr. Ulm’s wife that Dr. Wall in Bountiful is fantastic and they highly recommend him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Judson B. Wall, holistic dentist and TMJ specialist in Bountiful, Utah, is fantastic.

    It was a real jump, but I had all root canals and amalgams removed and now have partials (much

    better than “total” dentures.) It’s much better dealing with partials than with constant illness!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have faced high bills at my dentist also. Looking at another crown here as I have a cracked tooth. Which I now understand, given my 61yrs., that this will be happening more often as I and my fillings age. Oh goody!

    Had mercury all removed a couple years ago. I used carecredit.com, and was able to pay my bill in monthly installments. Depending on the amount the bill is and how many months needed to pay it off, it can be paid without interest. I guess other places like physicians, vets, etc. also offer this service. It was the only way I could pay for it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The only country still using amalagam fillings is the USA to all the residents of this country i say under no circumstances allow any dentist to put mercury in your mouth. I dont care how convincing your dentist is about there safety he is not going to be there when your off on workcover , or when you are ill from these fillings. It wont be his problem then it will be yours!!! you will be playing Russian Roulette with your health and for the sake of saving a few dollars let me tell you it is not worth it. If every patient in the USA refuses to accept amalgam fillings these evil bastard things will be consigned to where they belonged a long time ago HISTORY!!!!! Thanks for reading I wish someone had warned me !!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wish to add a few points in relation to the amalgam argument. Point one i have no doubt that any scientific studies done to prove the safety of amalgam fillings would have been done by testing the fillings directly after they were placed this is deceptive but the way the fda and ada work they will do whatever it takes to trick and decieve the public into continuing to put this poison in our mouths. Any testing should be done at least six months after placement so that any degradation of the filling due to all the processes that take place in the mouth are accounted for ie drinking hot liguids ,eating acidic food , tooth grinding etc
    Point two we live in an increasingly polluted environment in terms of radiation,mobile phone towers , wi fi , satellites , electricity wires television, all add to increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields which surround us constantly and so given Alfed Stocks summation that putting dissimiliar metals into a persons mouth can lead to a battery being created in the persons mouth which is true is it wise to put a technology that was invented during the american civil war a time when none of these electomagnetic fields existed, no its not !!!! its really stupid but once again the fda and ada dont warn anyone of this potential danger to amalgam fillings as they wish to continue to decieve us and keep us putting this toxic shit in our mouths.

    Point three and i think this point best illistrates how deceptive this organiation are the status quo answer in relation to any queries as to the toxic nature of amalgam fillings has been to send the dental nurse out to tell the patient that there is more mercury in a can of tuna than an amalgam filling and given that an amalgam filling is 50 percent mercury this is clearly crap how they decieve us on this i believe is by not staiting the size of the can is it 425grams 250grams as a person would be thinking no its not and the peramaters of this hypothetical can of tuna are never defined so they once again cleverly try to decieve the public . If we knew the size of the can we could test the quantity of mercury and i have no doubt there would be more mercury in a standard filling.
    The bottom line is mercury fillings are an extremely unecessary risk composite fillings have been around since the sixties and it is only an unreasonable desire to make large profits on the part of dentists and the suppliers of dental amalgam that has kept these fillings in use.
    Before Yul Brennar died of lung cancer he said “Whatever you do dont smoke !!!
    I say “”Whatever you do dont get mercury fillings in your mouth!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Its a Saturday night and im home on my own i rarely go out socially Its been 13 years since i had my amalgam fillings removed and i still live in a lot of pain. I get a heap of pain in my hands and my upper lip to my forehead and also pain in my feet , and lots of twitching and flickering throughout my body I wish i never got those fillings i cant see my body ever recovering , its all very depressing but its my reality !!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    They broke down into my face its like the story of hansel and gretel the longer it takes for you to realise your amalgam fillings are the source of your problems the deeper you are lead into the woods. The deeper you are the lead into the woods the longer it takes you to find your way back out to regain your health. It took 15 years for me to figure out what was the source of my problems thats a ridiculous amount of time!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    If you have poor health and amalgam fillings go and get them out then refuse to pay the bill
    After all why should you pay three grand to have a dangerous
    Product that was never tested for safety put in your mouth
    And then a heap of money to have it removed your getting ripped off!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    If you are unwell and you suspect it could be your fillings go and get them out and when the bill comes for the removal tell your dentist to jam his bill up his arse!!!!!

  18. Michael says:

    Thanks for your information. I had a pain in my tooth a couple of months ago for which I had to go for a root canal. I also have some amalgam fillings. Many top dentist practices amalgam removal that is safe for the patient.

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