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All I think about is cancer…if there were a cure, my doc would tell me…

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 14, 2011

That old “if there were a cure for cancer, wouldn’t all the doctors be using it?” an M.D. employs in his rant I just read against all non-toxic treatments is a farce. Medical doctors like everyone else are eating pizza and soda on their lunch break, doctors have among the highest mortality rates of any profession, and doctors are not trained in disciplines outside drugs/surgery.

I have known many people who cured their cancer with a 100% raw diet that included lots of vegetable juicing and eliminating dietary sugar (which feeds cancer) and salt (which creates a potassium/sodium imbalance in the cells). I have also known lots of people who learned about the 100% raw option, and opted against it, eating sugary, fatty, chemical-rife foods until the day they died.

Several people in response to my blog said their cancer doctor told them to drink Ensure or McDonald’s milkshakes or that diet plays no role.

Just because there are highly successful methods that don’t employ chemotherapy does not mean that everyone will know about it and that our doctors will offer it. What is highly likely, however, is that it will land on quackwatch.com, which has seemed to me, for many years, to be nothing more sophisticated than a rant by the allopathic industry against anything that competes against it.

I see so very little coming from that profession that is honest, humble, seeking truth outside the allopathic orthodoxy. When I do see it–doctors who are teachable and open, and they DO exist–I’m highly impressed. Hats off to you, if you are among the most educated in our culture and yet have left your mind open to possibilities outside the arenas you were trained in. I have been reading about medical doctors who went to Max Gerson and eliminated diabetes, tuberculosis, or cancer with his therapy.

M.D.’s are not generally educated in their schools, about what creates health. Most of them know nothing of nutrition. (If they do, they’ve educated themselves, not from information available in medical schools.)

In my first foray into studying natural healing, when I was 27, I called my neighbor, a general-practitioner M.D. in his 60’s who had been practicing medicine 30+ years. I said, “I’ve been reading about how antibiotics kill all the healthy microorganisms in my son’s digestive tract. And that weakens him against future viruses and bacteria, which might be why he keeps getting sick. I wonder what you know about other ways to kill viral and bacterial infections?”

He said, “Antibiotics kill healthy bacteria? I’ve never heard that. I don’t think taking antibiotics makes you susceptible to getting sick.”

That’s close to a direct quote.

M.D.’s are well educated in human anatomy and pharmacology, and specific procedures codified and accepted by insurance. All of medical practice can and is summed up in a big book of codes billable for insurance. I’m not writing this to tell you docs are bad people. Far from it. I’m writing it so you can get crystal clear on what they CAN, and CANNOT, do for you.

Now we ludicrously refer to the drug approaches as “traditional medicine.” How presumptuous, since it’s only about 100 years old, and cultures all over the globe have studied medicinal properties of plants (as food, medicine, or both) for thousands of years. The anti-Gerson rant I just read presupposes that allopathic (treating symptoms with drugs) medicine has an exclusive on “the scientific method.”

That “science” and “Western medicine” are somehow synonymous. This is the very kind of arrogance that now has over two-thirds of Americans seeking “alt-med” every year.

In July, 1927, William Howard Hay, M.D., published this in the medical journal “Cancer:”

“Think back over the years of cancer research, of the millions of dollars spent, the time consumed, the pains expended. Where are we today? Isn’t it time to take stock of our basic concept to see if there isn’t something radically wrong to account for the years of utter and complete failure to date? Cancer has been consistently on the increase. Is it possible that the cause of cancer is our departure from natural foods? It would surely look so to any man from Mars. But we have lived so long on processed foods that we are in a state of unbalanced nutrition from birth. We have come to regard these processed foods as the hallmark of civilization when it is a fact that these very foods set the stage for every sort of ill including cancer.”

84 years later, how far have we come?

We’re doing more, not less, of that original “basic concept,” and we’re still in a state of “utter and complete failure” on the cancer front.

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11 thoughts on “All I think about is cancer…if there were a cure, my doc would tell me…”

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  1. I can’t agree with you more. I have switched to a primarily plant/veggie whole foods diet and for the first time in years, I haven’t met my deductible for my health insurance (something I normally blow passed in the first three months of a year). I can only imagine what this is doing to help me avoid diabetes, cancer, and others. Keep on going Robyn!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How far have we come? Well, we have those nifty pink ribbons. We have marches and walks and bbbqs to raise awareness. We have women walking around with one breast, or none. People with half their face gone, people toting around colostomy bags, people with deep radiation burns, and we have the AMA which will be knocking on your door, shortly. They don’t like it when you encourage people to think for themselves. As a child it occured to me that future generations will look on our dependence on drugs, surgery and toxic treatments like chemo the way we view the 18th century dependence on bloodletting. With horror and disbelief.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PS–next time you are in the northwest, Robyn, do you think you could swing through Salem, Or? We are in desparate need of your help here (three restaurants in three years in the same location. Which one made it? The bbq shack.) There is a wonderful store called Life SOurce and a vibrant yoga community I am sure would be happy to host you. Please say yes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think it’d be interesting if you put RBTI on your list to study. There have been successful cancer stories. We’ve been learning all about RBTI from Matt at 180 degree health blog.

    I’m looking forward to all your experiences!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your doc doesn’t know about it because he can’t get rich doing it. My mom’s chemo sessions ran between $8,000-$18,000/week. The alternative doc we now see does the iv drips with super high doses of vitamin c, etc for $125/week. Plus insurance will not cover the alternative treatments since they’re not fda approved. AND the vast majority of Gerson therapy can be done at home. You get all the supplies at the grocery store.

    Robyn – Have you looked into Dr Burzynski? He’s an MD doing alternative treatments at a big clinic here in Houston who’s been battling the fda for years. There’s an interesting documentary about his clinic and the whole cancer biz here…http://www.burzynskimovie.com/

  6. Thanks so much for addressing these issues & cannot wait for the movie!

  7. It is so difficult to believe that nutrition isn’t even on the radar, it’s mind blowing. I know that docs aren’t studying nutrition in school, but did common sense, or anything, suggest that maybe it should be talked about? When you see people die every single day, maybe more often than you see people survive, then one would think that caregivers would be searching for prevention. Even Dr. Oz seems like he got into some more preventive care due to the fact that he cracked people open daily. People that could have prevented being cracked open. I know that not every single alternative therapy is going to “cure” cancer, but it’s crazy that we aren’t spending government money to find out what does work. The gvt. is paying for it anyhow, just trying to “fix” it instead of preventing the economic costs, and obviously the human costs. I have been fascinated with the Gerson Therapy and follow Jess from the Wellness Warrior daily to see how she is coming along, about 1 1/2 years into it. It is so irritating that so many docs won’t even listen or give other types of therapy a chance. I think it really creates a dissonance between the two sides when we really need to work together. Modern Medicine does provide diagnostic tools. It can help us figure out if we have a significant cancer. But unless you just need a small surgery, things seem much murkier past that. We just lost a friend who had a “microscopic” lung cancer that “should be fine”. Because “we caught it early”. “We can treat it”. I don’t think “We can treat it” was ever followed up by statistics and what does “treat” mean? I lean towards the Gerson therapy as it is super intensive. Hippocrates also interests me, but I don’t know what their intensive “cancer protocol” is. But the Gerson is very difficult to follow.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lately I’m being bombarded with requests from family members to support them in their organized walks against various diseases. I’m torn – do I support their good intentions or do I reply back with research on how these “cures” harm the body? There was a comment in one of these cancer blogs about walking to find the CAUSE instead of a CURE. These walks raise fabulous amounts of money to support scientists create a chemical “cure” in the lab. I just can’t stand it anymore. I believe wholeheartedly the body has the intelligence and the ability to keep itself free of disease as long as we are dedicated enough to support it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Medical school teaches about body chemistry, but when it’s time to treat illness, medical school theory switches away from natural chemicals made in the body, or chemicals naturally occurring in nature, and starts teaching what to do only with PATENTED medicines. By law, introduced and forced by the FDA, patented medicines CAN NOT be naturally occurring. Who funds medical schools? The patent holders, Big Pharma. Chemotherapy is proven to cure 3 cancers, testicular, some lymphomas, and childhood leukemia. No doctor told me that before they poisoned me with the mustard gas derivatives they call chemo for my breast cancer. If they don’t treat every cancer with chemotherapy, they will lose a lot of the $200 billion they make every year from giving this horrible poisen to the masses. Please educate yourself before it is too late for you. AND to top it off, I have been a RN for 28 years. I was duped by my own profession. I no longer work in conventional medicine, THE BIG LIE. Integrative medicine is the best answer to the health and welfare of our nation. But I don’t think the insurers and the pharmaceutical companies will never let that happen under the current system. They will never give up their big profits just to save lives.

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Robin, that took my breath away. You have been to hell. You’re back though.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just found your website and blog. I am extremely interested in losing weight and reversing my husbands diabetes. I have red most of Victoria Boutenko’s books, watched Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days, and have read many other books. I have been drinking green smoothies for a couple of weeks and am making progress with overcoming my desire for sweets. I love my salads and add beans and peas to them for more satisfaction. My husband is trying to eat better, but I really need a little extra guidance in what to do for him to help him to not feel deprived. I have been making green smoothies for him too, but because of the added fruit it does make his sugar go up. I live in a small town, so the selection of vegetables and fruit is minimal. Can you please help me to help him? I need things that are quite basic becaus of our small selection. Thanks for anything you can do. I’m still reading everything I can get my hands on and I’m willing to read more.

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