All I think about is CANCER?

This past week I’ve been so busy, I barely had time to blog…I mean, breathe!

My friend Jennie and I won a tennis doubles tournament. With friends, I camped in Big Cottonwood Canyon one night, hiked to Stewart Falls another night. Then my team went to Districts and we had matches three days in a row. Two of my kids had birthdays, and my oldest son turned 18. (How can I be the mother of an adult?!) Cade’s friends and I pulled off a really fun surprise party for him at the Grand America in Salt Lake.

I won my first tennis match at districts and ended up talking with my opponent, Anne, for an hour afterwards. She is my age, a mom of 3 daughters, and has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is scheduled for a mastectomy next week. She is terrified.

She knew absolutely nothing about natural treatments, which is true of most newly diagnosed cancer patients, who are like deer in headlights. It might take me the rest of my life, but I hope to turn that around: I want everyone to have access to solid information about alternatives.

At districts, I saw another of my opponents, Kristy, a mom of 4, my age, diagnosed 2 years ago with a brain tumor. A friend sent her to and bought her one of my books. Kristy drinks Hot Pink every morning and a green smoothie every afternoon.

I ran into my friend Camie not long ago, when I was getting my bike out of my car to do my 20-mile ride up to South Fork. I was hoping she was there, like everyone else at the mouth of the canyon, to run, cycle, or board up the canyon. That would mean she was feeling better. But she was at the Park-n-Ride in her car dropping popsicles off to her running team.

Camie is only mid-30’s with three young kids. She’s undergoing her last five chemo treatments for colon cancer–discovered in a routine colonoscopy, done because she has a genetic predisposition. She’s a longtime marathon runner and athlete and says she hasn’t left the house in a long time, can’t walk a city block, she is so ill from chemotherapy. She said she tried to eat an orange the other day and it tasted like metal.

A guy in my neighborhood, my age, looks healthy, just had his colon removed and is now sporting a colostomy!

Two people on my block of 11 homes have just been diagnosed with cancer, I found out Sunday. I took a green smoothie over to both of them yesterday with some other healthy stuff. One was talking mastectomy and radiation, and I didn’t say a word about how I feel about the “cure” she was talking about.

The medical profession claims a higher success rate for breast cancer than it did 50 years ago. But with routine mammograms, they just diagnose at a massively higher rate tiny tumors that might sit dormant for many years without growing. Then women are immediately disfigured upon diagnosis and their “cure” is included in statistics.

My tennis opponent who is having her breast removed? It’s a Stage ZERO cancer.

And the Pink Ribbon campaign. You’d have to eat 3 cartons of pink-ribbon-branded yogurt daily for 4 months for the donating brand to give $36, according to author Samantha King, who exposes Pink Ribbon politics.

Consumers gobble up anything sporting that symbol, even though the money lines the pockets of wealthy drug companies—the second-highest-grossing industry in America, right after the FOOD industry. I can find better ways to spend my philanthropy dollars than companies that, when banned by the U.S. FDA because a drug kills people or makes them sick or doesn’t work, go to third-world countries and market the exact same drug.

Would you donate your money to pesticide companies to research a way to grow crops without chemicals? That would make just as much sense. A pesticide manufacturer has no motivation to find a way to put himself out of business. Big Pharma has no wish to eliminate its profit source.

One definition of insanity is doing more of what isn’t working to solve a problem. Do you believe that another drug is going to win the war we’ve been losing against breast cancer?

I’ve had a long convo with my cousin recently about cancer–the politics, the personal ramifications, the history in our family and varying positions, pro-medical and anti-medical. My grandmother’s journal. My cousin told me there’s so much cancer on her block (half a dozen cases) she’s actually considering moving.

Cancer has been on my mind a lot lately. The more I study, the more the disease seems both ubiquitous–as well as unnecessary and avoidable!

Tomorrow I’ll announce my big new project.

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  1. Amen! I recommend the book Cancer Step Outside the Box Ty M. Bolinger. The information in this book is complete and current, is educational about Big Pharma and alternatives to the big 3, surgery, chemo, radiation. Escellent eye opener, a must read!

  2. Hi Robin–I so appreciate everything you are doing. I am a certified colon hydrotherapist and have a Cleansing Health Spa in Minnesota helping people cleanse and hopefully preventing cancer by ridding their bodies of toxins that continually get reabsorbed through the colon wall landing all over the body. One book I came across that I promote is “Cancer is Not a Disease, It’s a Survival Mechanism” by Andreas Moritz. I am an RN and this is the best take on cancer I have ever read. Makes one angry reading all the failed statistics of chemotherapy that money is continually thrown at. I started a Green Smoothie club at our clinic in January of 2010–we met once/month for a year, going through your 12 Steps book–life changing! Thank you!

  3. Hi Robyn- thanks for taking this head on! I am sooo tired of sitting there with my mouth shut listening to my friends tell me about their “treatments” that is nothing more than cut, burn, and poison! I read your blog 3 years ago and made my first green smoothie that day and have never looked back. My husband and I have lost all our xtra fat, recovered from all our health issues, and feel great! I have my own vegan blog now if you want to check it out

  4. Dear Robyn,

    I am a two timer Breast cancer survivor. I did not do the traditional route, I did it naturally and still feeling like this is such a healthier way. I just found your book and I am starting the green smooties right away. I am also the sister in law of Shirley Johnson, she has played tennis with you and told me about your business. Thank you for the work you are doing. I also am a motivational speaker, I talk to many cancer victims and strive hard to help them conquer the fear so that they can start studying and make informative decision for their body ( what a thought !). My way was and is not popular but I do believe that there are many ways we can support out immune system. Here is my blog if you have any friends who need to connect with someone who has been there

    Thanks again for all the effort you are putting forth to educate people. I am always telling the women that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and that is something we all could use a little more of.

    Take care and good luck. I should have your book coming in the mail to me soon.

    Lynn Woodard ( Kirkland, Washington )

  5. Thanks Robyn for taking up the torch with us. I have read these posts from all these beautiful people being poisoned by Orthodox Medicine and is sickens me. I know full well that there are many caring and dedicated doctors out there who do what they can and that the medical profession hampers them.

    I was diagnosed with a stage IV cancer five years ago and went through a year of chemo. It almost killed me and did me no good. I fortunately started reading and studying all I could about alternative therapies and there are hundreds out there. All of them do not work on everyone as our bodies are similar but different. I praise you for your dedication and I have learned from you also.

    I have done a lot of juicing and have many smoothie recipies, some learned from you. When we ingest juices and smoothies, it gives our digestive systems a much needed break due to the fact it takes so much energy away from healing to digest food. We all must cleanse toxins, remineralize and inf=gest good food, not processed and altered by man. If id did not grow in the ground , it should not go into your mouth. If you can not eat it, it should not be put on our skin. 70% to 80% raw foods is right on track.

    I have a very rare form of lymphoma and am doing very well considering the Oncologist gave me 6 Months to a year to live.

    Now he can’t figure out how I’m doing so well and withour the symptoms I should have. We don’t talk about it and I certainly remember that several years I inquired about what I could do diet related to help. He said that diet would have not effect. I asked him about sugar and processed foods. He said that I should eat anything I wanted and not worry about died.

    I have not yet cured my Lymphoma but I certainly will. The onocologist said the cancer I have has never been cured and that everyone just dies with it. Hmm.

    Sorry for the long post but my suggesting to all these beautiful people is to read, read, and research. The answers are out there. We are just not supposed to know it.

    Much Love and support. Stay on the path and do not get discouraged.


  6. Teresa,

    Please tell me more about your husband’s cure. My husband has melanoma and has gone the whole route, but now the doctors say there is nothing else. Please tell me what you did and where do I find out about balancing the Ph. Thank you so much!

  7. Rachel,

    Searching everywhere for alternative treatments for my husband. I have heard good things about Gerson, but didn’t think you could manage it on your own. Is this something you are able to do at home on your own? You spoke of an alt doctor, is he helping you with this? Is anything else involved beside juicing and enemas? Does she also have to eat certain foods? Do you need a certain kind of juicer? Thanks for your help.

  8. Dear Robyn,

    I just started reading your emails this last week. My husband has kidney & bone cancer, just ended 10 rad treatments and started last week 2 so far of biologic (new like chemo, but dosen’t kill the good cells, only the bad cells) treatments for the kidney. When he started getting sick 3 months ago with a big weigh down and one sickness after another, I started searching for an answer because I feared it was cancer, it took 4 doctors and a bunch of tests. I first read Patrick Quillins book, which everyone should read to help you better understand the cells & good & bad foods.

    Anyway, I have found out many things, but one thing if you are helping people, please go to the web site for information on Beta gultin & call to talk with someone. What is does is built the immune system, it has the studies to back it up, like you they believe in the holistic approach. My husband has only been on it for a week and is starting to feel good and started to gain weigh this week for the first time after doing nothing but losing for 3 months. This things can be added to your juicing. I’m doing everything to attack this. Hope this will help someone.


  9. Robin I’m so glad to see you posting about this – I’ll be following for sure. Everywhere I turn, it seems I hear the C word – I’ve actually become slightly paranoid that I’m being sent a message – like go to the doctor! I don’t have a primary doctor as I don’t believe in western medicine. I believe wholeheartedly in the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself through the food we eat. I consume 32-48oz green smoothies everyday & would say my diet is ~70-75% raw. Sometimes my no-western-doctor choice makes me nervous, perhaps I’ll find a alt/holistic. Until then, whole, clean foods, lots of exercise, and reading your blog to encourage me on this path. Keep up the great work!

  10. Robyn, thanks for taking up the challenge to bring alternative cancer therapies to more people. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer in October, 2010. We went ahead with the surgery to remove the lesion but refused chemo and radiation because of all the damage we had see in other people. My husband has struggled adhering completely to a raw diet (he’s 70 years young), but he has made some significant changes (alkaline water, no dairy, sugar). Our children and I continue to encourage him in this area. (I have him up to 1/4 cup a day of a green drink. That’s progress!)

    We made the decision to go to Dr. James Forsythe’s Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada to have the genetic tested chemo in which his cancer cells are tested until a chemo is found that kills them specifically. Then he was given only a 10% dose with insulin in a protocol called ITP. It is 23 times more effective than conventional chemo without the damage to healthy cells. What I liked most about the treatment was that his immune systems was also built up in the process with various I.V.’s in between the chemo treatments. This protocol is much shorter than conventional chemo.

    We are grateful that we did not choose conventional chemo/radiation as we met so many patients at the clinic who had irreversible damage from their treatments. My husband’s biggest hurdle has been recovering from his surgery. We are now in the process of building his body back, but with his tests showing no cancer activity and a very healthy immune system, we feel very hopeful. There is a chapter devoted to Dr. Forsythe and his work in Suzanne Somer’s book about alternative cancer protocols. Thanks again, Robyn, for all your work!

  11. Hi Robyn,
    I found out (as a result of routine mammogram and subsequent testing) on May 12 this year that I had breast cancer. It wasn’t a huge shock because I have a family history on both sides of breast cancer. My sister had it at age 46 so I felt I dodged the bullet longer than she did (I’m 59).

    A year or two ago my daughter told me about making green smoothies and about your blog. She and her husband and 3 children have green smoothies at least once a day. In the past had shunned “smoothies” because I thought they usually used dairy in them. She told me about using carrot juice and such so I gave it a try and liked it, but I had a pretty shallow understanding of the health benefits.

    After my cancer diagnosis I started a journey of looking for natural treatment options to augment my fight with cancer. A friend I work with loaned me a copy of a Suzanne Somers book, Knockout which got me pretty worked up about the drug company and conventional medicine approach but it was just a beginning. I started reading The China Study which opened my eyes more to governmental controls on information about diet and cancer and the negative effect of animal protein. Next I reconnected with my “rawsome” friend and college roommate, Lynn, who has been eating raw for 25 years and looks and feels fabulous! She inspired me and connected me with you and with WISH (Raw Divas) calls which has furthered my education and motivated me to start to make changes.

    My choice/decision was to combine conventional treatment with natural.

    I had lumpectomy surgery May 31 and have been eating more vegetarian and raw and exercising more. I was thrilled when the second oncologist I went to said I didn’t have to have chemo!!!

    On Monday I begin six and a half weeks of daily (5x/week) radiation therapy. But what I wanted most to share with you and some of your younger followers was something my radiology oncologist said to me when I told him I was combining natural diet and exercise changes to help prevent a recurrence of cancer. After his initial recoil at my statement he told me that it could help improve my health but it wasn’t going to prevent me getting cancer again. He said that here in the US, if you don’t die of heart disease or an accident, you’ll most likely die of cancer and there is no avoiding it.

    Now I understand his bias and I may not agree with him but what he also said was that I’d have had to be eating like this (raw/vegetarian) my whole life for it to make a difference. He also said that if I taught my children to eat this way it could make a difference for them. Well, although I think it will still help me at 59, I’m glad he at least validated the teaching of young people how to eat healthy!

    If we can spare our children and grandchildren the misery of cancer and prescribed treatments, then LET’S DO IT!

    By the way, since I started making changes, and I’m talking baby steps, I’ve lost about 10 pounds and feel more optimistic and healthy.

    So I would like to cheer you on in your project!

  12. I have some exciting news!

    Dr. Lin at the OU Health Science Center in Oklahoma City has done extensive research and says Young Living Sacred Frankincense kills cancer cells and leaves the good cells alone. We have had several people try the protocol which is 2-4 weeks and have successfully been healed.

    If anyone is interested in wanting to know more about this my website is: and my email is

    Young Living oils can be safely ingested, applied and diffused. We have seed to seal on our oils and know exactly how pure they really are. I also believe that juicing greens is very vital to recovery. Our bodies will heal themselves if given the right nutrients.

  13. this is a great article that talks about diet and cancer…Sexy Crazy Diet is a book by Kris Carr, 7 years out after “nothing we can do” diagnosis….is also is excellent. If you are dealing with cancer and want more information well worth the read. These people are on the same page as Robyn and for me the more information the better.

    The sad truth is that most people would rather take a pill, cut it out, poison it. .. than take responsibility and change their diet. Go green!

  14. I am sitting in a hospital room in Tijuana Mexico right now with my beautiful 54 year young mom who has stage four breast cancer that has metastasized to her lung, ribs, and lymph nodes. In the U.S. she was given no hope, they offerd no treatments in her condition.

    The cancer had been slowly progressing for 10 years as she tried allternative treatments such as, raw, juicing, vegan, ph diets and herbal surgery (black salve). These treatments over the last 10 years have slowed the progression of the cancer and she feels her quality of life was great. (never sick or missed a day of work).

    She has been a nutitional coach, mainly for healing facilities and strongly believes Chemo and traditional therapies for cancer are not carefully examined in the individual, exposing them to more danger and harm than nessesary. She has watched way to many of her friends live their last years crippled by the side effects or die due to the treatments way before the cancer would have taken them.

    But we came to a point in the road where we felt there was more that we needed to do and that there was more fight in her, so we researched alternative treatments such as profusion Hyperthermia and dendritic cell therapy, not available in the U.S.

    So here we are in Mexico and are so pleased! The horor stories of Tijuana now seem silly and the people are so caring and nice, the doctors and specialists are amazing to work with and all the hospital food is organic and prepared according to each individuals needs. My mom has gained 5 lb in one week!! She has drastically been losing weight the prior 2 months and was at 85 lb.

    She began to have pain in her ribs and back about 2 months ago and was dismissed as having cancer (duh..) by the U.S. doctors, but the day we arrived for her evaluation in Mexico they figured out she had a crushed vertebra from lack of integrity in her bones and were able to stableize it, helping the pain.

    I feel so blessed to be on this journey and wanted to share this unique opportunity we have taken!

  15. Hi Robyn thank you so much for doing this story and taking on these long held beliefs about cancer Big Pharma and treatments. As you start doing research it’s amazing how much coverup you discover and also how much people you meet and talk to want to disbelieve and deny the facts about the whole industry, alternative treatments and the so called cures and fundraising. You are challenging their do good feelings when they donate or fundraise for cancer. It is so sad when you start talking about the simple basic concept of FOOD as prevention AND cure and they treat you as a nutcase.

    My father has end stage kidney cancer that is now bone cancer and hasn’t changed his diet and won’t stop the every night drinking with dinner and social drinking because his oncologist didn’t see it as a problem since his first diagnosis! He’s also drinking huge amounts of milk with icecream in processed protein shakes to help him put on weight. But you don’t dare challenge the status quo and the almighty doctor’s authority by saying anything…

    I lost 10 years to a brain tumour and all the medication and radiotherapy so after nearly dying in 2004 I took control, got of all toxic medication and started to researching the one thing that was MISSING! Food, nutrition and how to heal through food and green smoothies. The doctor actually told my family I’d end up in a nursing home!!!!!!

  16. I’m so glad that you are talking about the pink ribbon scam. I recently read a book by Suzanne Sommers and she talks about how she has been trashed because she refuses to give money to cancer research. She said she doesn’t believe in cancer research, only cancer prevention. You and many others are really putting out there that we need to take care of ourselves now so that we can prevent this from happening. Also I have been reading alot about the hormone connection to cancer in women. It seems that our hormones being out of wack is one of the number one reasons that women develop cancer. But most doctors do not even test hormone levels in women when they are diagnosed, it is barely looked at. I think that if women started getting their hormone levels checked in their 30s they would better be able to protect themselves and know what is going on with their bodies. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks Robyn!!

  17. When our 9 year-old daughter died because of a brain tumor in 1992, the doctor told us that nothing new had been discovered in children’s brain cancer in 50 years!!!

  18. Hi,

    I work with Deepak Chopra and I have seen amazing things with cancer.

    I started your green smoothie program about 3 months ago and I feel great! I am telling everyone how amazing and transformative your program is. I switched over to a raw foods diet since the green smoothie detox and i love it. I feel incredible!

    I really see how this can transform our whole bodies (body/mind/spirti). i am so excited!

    I so a lot of programs with pregnant and birthing mothers. I would love to help them add green smoothies in their diets.

    I am just starting a new book on pregnancy and birth and I am excited to add info about green smoothies in it.

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing!!!! It is fabulous and you are such an inspiration!

    Vicki Abrams

  19. My husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer

    in June. The only cure is a liver transplant.

    He must have chemo and radiation before the

    procedure can be done.

    We have been drinking your green smoothies

    faithfully every day for 15 months.

    What alternatives do you suggest?

    Jandora Jenkins

    1. Jandora, both of you come with me to one of these clinics? Have him drink wheat grass every day! Health food store or Jamba Juice nearby? Eat 100% raw. It’s simple — and not easy living in the “real world” — but powerful and worth doing for a period of time.

  20. It has been my understanding that mammograms can cause cancer and I have always avoided them–I believe it was a study in Canada.

  21. Robyn,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on cancer and GREENS! I am scheduled to take your class in Portland on the 24th and can not wait, especially after reading this post. My son was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at age 4, right eye removed and followed with six months chemotherapy. During this journey my stomach turned not only because it was my child going through this but because I knew what I was allowing to be done to him. So began my journey of reading and researching cancer and it’s causes. I knew that if he presented with a secondary cancer that I needed to be educated and aware of my options unlike before. So – we recently purchased a vitamix and then registared for your class. . . . then yesterday I read this post. I believe in life events happening for a reason – thus no suprises when I read your post and had already registered. I look forward to talking with you more on the 24th – specifically related to detox smoothies! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Blessings and Gratitude!

    Sharla Vellek

  22. I love to read all the information that you are getting out there and everyone’s comments and concerns. I lost a friend to liver/pancreatic cancer a few years back. I have been studying integrative holistic healing, herbs, essential oils and of course good nutrition “Food as medicine”. I spoke with my friend and asked her what the doctors are suggesting to keep her strength up and she said “My doctor told me to eat McDonald’s milkshakes”. I will never forget that statement as long as I live, it has been embedded in my mind. By-the-way, she didn’t live very long after she took the doctors advice.

    This was what she was told to eat by a professional that was supposed to save her life: (there are 6+ different sugars in this 1 shake)

    Strawberry Shake Syrup:

    Sugar, water, corn syrup, strawberries, high fructose corn syrup, natural (botanical source) and artificial flavors, pectin, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate (preservative), caramel color, calcium chloride, red 40.

    Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream:

    Milk, sugar, cream, nonfat milk solids, corn syrup solids, mono- and diglycerides, guar gum, dextrose, sodium citrate, artificial vanilla flavor, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, disodium phosphate, cellulose gum, vitamin A palmitate.

  23. Hi! I had a bilateral mastectomy 17 months ago and I almost died. @2 days post op I got a DVT and than a massive pulmonary embolism. I than had massive hematomas and was aspirated everyday for 7 days. I than had seroms and poor wound healing and my skin would not stay closed being on those blood thinners.

    I had 8 surgeries to date and I am not finished. I now have the bones of a 85yr old,have aLDL of 194 and a very high c-reactive protein. (ALL of this is since I started my arimidex) I could die tomorrow)

    Please tell your friend to look up She could save her life. Before my cancer, I was in great health. My wt. was 117lbs, no high BP, no heart or blood problems. I worked out everyday and ate healthy. I love your friend and please tell her about me . She can e-mail me –Susan

  24. This is great I want to learn as much as posible! Thank you. My dear friend just passed away from cancer and seeing her suffer was so hard. I want to learn more. I have ms and I need to try and heal my self.

  25. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer May 2010. He is now in his 2nd round of chemo and it isn’t working. He was given the option of hospice or trying a clinical trial. We are choosing the clinical trial. Chemo has done terrible things to him. He can’t feel his hands and feet, has no energy, lost his hair and has a terrible acne like rash all over his body. I told him it is time to fight this another way. I really need your help. I started giving the family green smoothies in Feb, but was told that they could only handle them 2-3 times per week. I think they taste great, but they don’t like them. 2-3 times is better than nothing, but I’m pushing for more. I can’t lose him!

  26. Here is an email/letter I just sent out about pinkwashing yesterday. Timely to find your column today.

    I am always trying to look at things from a different perspective, so I’m bringing to light an issue that on the surface may seem cynical. After mulling it over, I decided it was worth discussing. That subject is Pinkwashing, defined as:

    a term used to describe the activities of companies and groups that position themselves as leaders in the struggle to eradicate breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to the rising rates of the disease

    When considering this term, I guess I never really thought much about the fact that KFC in a pink bucket, personal care items full of synthetic chemicals or Otis Spunkmeyer cookies with pink chips aren’t really a step in the right direction in the battle against breast cancer (obesity, insulin resistance, toxins/xenoestrogens and hormone use in animals all increase the risk of cancer). The pink ribbon is an excellent symbol of unity and solidarity in the fight against breast cancer and it provides a symbol by which to rally around. It is discouraging to see this iconic symbol hijacked as a way by which to improve corporate profits and the bottom line.

    There are many significant, powerful players in the war against cancer but it is somewhat hypocritical to identify yourself in public as a proponent in the fight, while behind closed doors your actions speak otherwise. As outlined in the first link, there are some major conflicts between the public corporate image portrayed and their private behavior when we are not looking. Sort of a, “Do as I say and not as I do” situation. It always helps to follow the money as that is frequently the driving force behind most behavior. Financial contributions “to the cause” may in some circumstances lead to expectations of control or influence of the message/agenda. The messages being presented in the breast cancer battle should be free from any corporate expectation or guidance based on donations.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist but chose to see the world with open eyes and as it is. The next time you are faced with purchasing a product with a pink ribbon over a non-ribbon product, ask yourself, does this product and its intended use align with the goals in the fight against breast cancer and is it supporting the goals of prevention by bearing the pink ribbon or is this just another marketing gimmick? Instead of the race for the cure – how about focusing and spending more money on research and education to discuss and teach people about the importance of Prevention. We will always need to work toward a cure but the optimal way to deal with and treat breast cancer is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The information is out there – it just needs to be made a part of our daily consciousness.

    One to make you think,


    Christopher K. Nagy, M.D.

    Tel 704.738.2015

    Fax 704.633.7569

  27. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in May (luckily though it was not cancerous). It has been removed since then but there is a possibility that it can grow back. The type of brain tumor he has can shorten his life by a good 15 years if not taken care of. And if it did grow back he might have to go through radiation (although that is the doctors last option for us) but it would put him on a hormone replacement for the rest of his life if he did. We have to go in for an MRI every year for 5 years and then every couple of years for the next 5 years after that. My husband is only 31 and we have 4 kids 6 years and under so we really want to make sure that we’re eating the best we can and doing our part…for our sake but especially for my husbands sake. My family and I have been trying to drink green smoothies every morning. It’s a good start but we definitely can do more. I’m looking forward to getting your 12 step book one of these days when finances will let us. 🙂 Thanks for all you do.

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