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Event FAQ’s

Do I need to download and bring a printed ticket?

For free classes, such as the Healing With Green Smoothies and Medicine Cabinet Makeover class, the answer is NO. We issue tickets just to have an estimate for seating and samples.

For classes for which a fee is charged (such as VIP seating at Robyn’s 2014 “How To Eat Right In The Real World” classes and the VIP classes), YES, you need to bring a ticket.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to download your tickets.  Don’t worry, if you no longer have the confirmation email we will send another email with a link to the ticket download 48 hours before the event.  Download the ticket and print.    You only need to do this for fee-based classes.

What if I cannot print my ticket?

That’s no problem.  We’ll have a list of attendees at the door, so if you were unable to print your ticket for a fee-based event, we will look for your name on our list.

Are tickets transferable?

Yes.  Instructions for transferring your tickets are found HERE.

I would like to get free tickets for my family and friend.  How do I do that?

You may get tickets for up to 10 people by selecting the quantity that you want.  However, we would prefer and encourage you to ask them to register on their own so they can receive reminder emails and further information about the event. They will be more likely to actually show up that way!

Some free tickets may become available for Robyn’s 2014 “How to Eat Right in the Real World” lecture tour.  You may register for free tickets (which do not include the VIP perks like the free book and priority seating) by clicking on the link to the class and choosing the FREE ticket.  You may register for up to 4 free tickets, but seating is not guaranteed.

Are refunds available for fee-based classes?

For How to Eat Right in the Real World classes, we do not issue refunds; however, you may transfer your ticket to another person.  Instructions for transferring your tickets are found HERE.

For other fee-based classes, we will only issue refunds 72 hours prior to the event.  No refunds after that time, because we have already purchased the  supplies for you.

My friend does not have a ticket?  Can she come with me?

For free classes, yes, please register your friend or ask her to register, and bring her along.  If you are unable to register her, please bring her along anyway.  The more the merrier.

Is this Green Smoothie Girl class just for girls?

No, we welcome men to this class.  Please join us!  This class makes a great date night. There will be plenty of other men there.

Can I bring my infant?  

Yes, of course.  Although we would ask you to take a fussy or crying baby into the foyer as to not distract the speaker and other attendees. (This has been a problem at some classes, as crying babies are distracting for the speaker and the attendees.)

 Can I bring my young children?

For fee-based classes, all attendees, including children (excluding infants) require a ticket.  We recommend that children younger than 8-10 years old do not attend the classes.  If you need to bring young children, please bring quiet lap activities for them and take them to the foyer if they get restless.

Do you send me my ticket in the mail?  I haven’t received anything.

No, we do not send tickets in the mail.  Most classes do not require tickets to enter.  For fee-based classes, see instructions above on how to print.

How long is the class?

Plan on 90 minutes for Robyn’s lecture, raffle,  and sampling, and more time if you would like to stay afterwards and speak with her, make an order, or have her sign your book.

I realize Robyn will most likely be selling books and products at her class.  Will this be a hard sell for attendees or can I look forward to being educated?

Robyn’s lecture is highly energetic, fun, and inspirational.

There is absolutely no hard selling or pressure to buy.  Robyn’s true mission and purpose is to inspire change and to help people step away from the Standard American Diet.  Since people are looking for tools to help them get started, Robyn offers some of the best items available after the class for those who are interested.

Is there a video version of Robyn’s presentation?

 You may order a DVD of Robyn’s Green Smoothie Girl presentation.  We do not yet have DVDs available for her 2014 lecture, “How to Eat Right in the Real World.”

I am not able to attend the class and can’t figure out how to cancel my ticket.  What do I do?  

Don’t worry, we plan for this sort of thing.  If you are unable to make it, you do not need to email us to let us know that you won’t be there.  If you are not already receiving Robyn’s newsletter, sign up for this on her website so you are informed of future classes.  Then try to catch her the next time she speaks in your area. Be on the free newsletter at GreenSmoothieGirl.com and on our facebook page, to be informed of upcoming events.

If you wish to transfer your paid ticket to “How to Eat Right in the Real World,”  instructions can be found HERE.