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A story about Marlena in Redding

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Apr 10, 2013

blendtecThe folks at Blendtec are a blessing to me, and to lots of others, too. They give me a $435 blender to give to one lucky attendee at each of my classes. Once, to an audience of 400 in Dallas, I said:

“This amazing machine is a game-changer for your health. I really wish I could give one to ALL of you!” A lady on the back row yelled out, with her Southern drawl:


Well, I’m not Oprah. But I love having one shiny, new giveaway blender at every class. Thank you, Blendtec! Check out Marlena’s story. She came up to me after class and told me her 3-year old daughter was at home, very ill, on her fourth course of Prednisone in three months.

She’d just heard the story of my son’s desperately ill first 15 months of life as a stunted-growth, Failure to Thrive baby on constant steroids and bronchodilators. And the miracle that occurred when we eliminated milk, sugar, white flour, and other processed junk. The story culminates in my son leading the state of Utah in RBI’s his Senior year, and leading his team to State in baseball as the MVP of the team, hitting two grand slams, and pitching a 5-inning near-shutout (12-1) in the finals. He’s 6’4”.

Marlena hadn’t even wanted to come. She wasn’t interested in the message. She just knew I was giving away a Total Blender, plus she knew our longtime reader, Pam Opdyke, would be so disappointed if she didn’t show. Check out Marlena’s story here:

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5 thoughts on “A story about Marlena in Redding”

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  1. Jeff Holter says:

    Hello, I attended your free Green Smoothie class last night, great event! I did not win a free gift, but the gift you have given me through motivation and knowledge is far better than any of the giveaways. I’ve been a Vegetarian for over a year now, but was missing something.

    I first found your website 2 months ago when I was researching blenders. I had just finished watching several documentaries (Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Hungry For Change) and decided to give smoothies a try.
    I bought the BlendTec through your site, which included the PDF format of the 12 step book. I’ve been making smoothies and drinking them without missing a day since the blender arrived, and it has made being a Vegetarian MUCH better and easier.

    After attending your class last night I feel a great motivation to get the people I care about to try green smoothies. I hear them talking about having adverse reactions to different medications they are taking and the whole time I’m listening I’m thinking, “You need Green Smoothies”! So what I really wanted to say is, thank you for the free gift. It is a life changer!

  2. Janet Soler says:

    Question: I attended Robin’s class in Austin, TX on March 30th. She said then that there would be a drawing when she returned to UT, probably Thursday, where she would post the winning raffle ticket for the BlendTec blender. I have been checking the GG site but have not seen anything posted about it nor do I see anything about where to check out who won. Can you tell me where I should look? From what I understand, there was a blender given away for each class she teaches, so how do you know where to look? Thanks.

    1. Robyn says:

      Janet, it was one blender per tour, and an email went out—if you had a ticket, you would have gotten it? write malia@greensmoothiegirl.com for the winning ticket number! Glad you came XOXO! –Robyn

      1. Robyn says:

        Email went out April 2!

  3. Anne Hoffman says:

    Green smoothies are better than ice cream! Yep. I said that. A reformed ice cream junkie, green smoothies make you crave less sweets and dairy, really!!! I am a believer you just have to try one.

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