A Halloween tip for moms

My kids have all the usual fun trick or treating.   I wouldn’t deny them that.   Then, when they get home, I bribe them.   Twenty bucks buys a big bag of sugar from each kid, which then gets upended into the  garbage in the garage or handed out en masse to those scary teenagers  who show up after 9 p.m.   Best money you’ll ever spend.   And the kids are happy when they get to buy fun stuff at WalMart the next day, stuff that lasts longer than a sugar rush.

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  1. Hey Robyn…What do you give out on Halloween? I’m a healthy girl myself and was curious. Love the bribe, my daughter is only two, but I’ll be sure to use that next year. Thx!

    1. Hey Katie, I think early on, in my blog, I wrote about what I used to do at Halloween. What I do now is I let them go trick-or-treating and then I give them $20 for their candy. Then I throw it away. They don’t care and didn’t grow up with the idea that they get to eat a big pillowcase full of candy. (Like I did!)

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