A green-smoothie toast to the new Roxberry in Orem!


Robyn and friends at new Roxberry location in Orem.

I’m so excited! Right in my hometown, Orem, my friends Mark and Holly Jackman opened a new Roxberry! I can get giant green juices, and a shot of wheat grass juice, like I’m holding here, delivered to my house! I’ve never had any place near home to buy a green smoothie or veggie juice. You can also get green smoothies. Call ahead and order yours, and they have an app where you canrox gotta get some order it, pay for it, and tell them when you want it! Just go in your App Store and search “Roxberry.”

Here are a few of GSG reader-friends who showed up to toast the grand opening and enjoy a green drink with me.

Congrats to Mark and Holly on another Roxberry opening. Please go support their contribution to a high-vibration life, if you’re local! They’re a few blocks West of University Mall on 1300 South, in the old Red Mango location.

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  1. Education Week at BYU is next week. Could you post the full address of Roxberry, please, for those of us who do not live in the area? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Jody! You can google it? Sorry I can’t on my NOT smart phone right now but my son googled it for me recently. It’s in Orem! Enjoy!

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