Win the Fit2Fat2Fit prize from Celebrity Drew Manning!

Congratulations, Theresa Kasprzyk from California! You won the GreenPaxx prize package from Cindy.

Thank you both for participating, and remember you can have the chance to win again if you keep commenting.

Someone is about to win two 30-minute coaching calls with celebrity, Drew Manning, the author of Fit2Fat2Fit. Watch this video to see how he decided, as a personal trainer, to gain 70 pounds on purpose, then lose it, and document the whole journey.

Now he’s put a bunch of other fitness professionals through the same experiment on a reality TV show . . . stay tuned! And Drew is on our epic speaking tour next year, with 22 bestselling author-celebrities in wellness and personal growth…..I’ll have an announcement Nov. 1!

Meantime, win Drew’s autographed book, 2 coaching calls, and his menu plans by commenting today!

Happy BlendAid-ing!

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  1. I am really enjioying all the information I have gained during the blendaid event. Sure would like to join you in Zambia next summer!

  2. Robyn –the extent of your knowledge is amazing. I love to read about nutrition (trying to get motivated to eat even better) and I feel like your information is excellent.

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