Congratulations, Kathy Clark of Utah on winning the Health Mate Infrared Sauna! I know you will benefit immensely from this product that I love.

We here at GSG were so moved to read the comments this weekend. One of my readers told us that her daughter donated $54—all the money she had saved up—and her mom made up the difference in order to make a $100 contribution. Another reader, with her children, decided to take the back road instead of the toll road to school, and then they would use that saved money to give to a child they are sponsoring in Zambia. These stories of sacrifice have really inspired me and I hope they inspire you, too.  Thank you to all my followers for supporting the cause.

And a BIG THANK YOU to my friend, John Thackeray, for a $500 donation to Mothers Without Borders!

Check out my friends Kirk and Kim Duncan of 3KeyElements, local celebrities who do packed seminars that change people’s lives. Today we have FOUR prizes, so don’t miss the video!

For everyone donating $100 or more to Mothers Without Borders to build our school in Zambia, not only am I matching you $100, but Kirk and Kim are throwing in an amazing gift too…..check it all out here!

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