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Can you believe this man is 57 years old?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 22, 2014

frank K

Frank Kendralla

This is Frank Kendralla. I did my first-ever lecture in Pittsburgh, and he was the guy that, for most of the lecture, I could tell he already knew all this stuff. I reference many things in my lecture that are total eye-openers for 99% of Americans, and 90% of my audiences.

(Lots of holistic health coaches and practitioners come to my lecture tour. They’re a cut above, educationally. Many, though, come and are introduced for the FIRST time to principles of whole foods and a high vibration life. It’s news to most, why current practices in nutrition that obsess about calories and macronutrients, don’t tell the whole story. I talk about what matters most, in the decision of what to put in your mouth every day.)

That is, the vibrational energy of your food, micronutrient levels, and the quality and source of your proteins/fats/carbs. We go into detail on this, in my current lecture tour, How to Eat Right In the Real World.

Frank Kendralla came up to me after class and said, “I’m 57 years old.” I said,

“Shut. Up.”

(Sometimes the amount of time I spend with teenagers comes out of me. I’m not proud of it.)

He’s a grampa, and was there with his fit, lovely wife. When he was 16 years old, Frank read about Jack LaLanne. (Me too! One of my earliest heroes! Only I was about 8 year old, I think. My grandmother did his workouts!) LaLanne swam with weights attached to his shoulders, across huge waterways, in his 80’s, as I recall. He died just 3 years ago, at 96, and worked out the day before. He did vegetable juicing long before its time, and was an amazingly healthy man because he ate a mostly raw, plant-based diet, even though he was mocked for doing so, in the 1940’s and 50’s.  He was a high school athlete hiding from the team to eat his veggies and fruits and whole grains.

So after Frank read about Jack LaLanne, he told his very overweight, Italian family, “I’m going to eat healthy from now on because I don’t want to be fat like you.” Frank sheepishly admits that he has learned to communicate better, since then. The announcement didn’t go over big.

Frank had horrible nosebleeds when he was young. He got off dairy products and never had another one! He has made green drinks for 30 years. He has 1900 followers on facebook and doesn’t know most of them.

He hasn’t had a soda in 40 years. He never eats sugar or processed food. He isn’t a vegetarian, but he eats a mostly plant-based, extremely clean diet. He works two full-time jobs and has plenty of energy.

He kept telling me, “This stuff really works.” I don’t get to meet “the pure vessel” very often. But Frank is my new hero. What an inspiration!

Come detox with us, to start on Aug. 1, for a radical reboot you’ll never be sorry you completed (most later do it again). Come to my lectures if I’m in your city before the end of the year. The principles we teach really help us slow the aging process dramatically, like Frank obviously did.

You’re doing green smoothies? Great! Good start! Now jump in the deep end of the pool with us! My new lecture takes you to the next level, and 26 days in the GSG Detox is an investment in your most youthful, clean, high-energy self.

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One thought on “Can you believe this man is 57 years old?”

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  1. perrygator says:

    Yes, I can beleive he is 57. That is what 57 looks like. 57 is NOT OLD. Now, if you said can you beleive he is 97 I would say “Shut Up!” Not saying he is not healthy looking becuase of his diet…I just get tired of people acting like anyone over 40 to be walking among the able bodied adn must have deiscovered the fountain of youth. 57 is not OLD!

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