I tell my cancer story to ChrisBeatCancer.com

I totally love this guy, Chris Wark of ChrisBeatCancer.com. We met at a conference this past summer and it’s like he’s my long-lost brother. (In fact, someone said in the comments on our podcast together that we seem like siblings, and someone else commented on our chemistry!)

This was a great interview about my family’s cancer story…..my own obesity and sickness-to-wellness story, my beliefs about CANCER from 3 1/2 years of worldwide research, and more.

I hope you enjoy it. If cancer is an interest of yours or your life is touched by it, make sure to subscribe to ChrisBeatCancer.com and SHARE this video. Chris beat colon cancer at 26 with NUTRITION. No chemo/radiation. Very brave of him.

Twelve years later, he tells the story and is helping thousands of people in their decision-making journey. He’s the REAL DEAL. He isn’t online to make money, but rather to educate people about an important topic that has touched all of our families, and is getting worse.

In fact, he’s one of the speakers on our BeTheChangeTour.com stage next year. I can’t wait to have my own readers learn more from him in the cities he speaks in—he’s so educated and articulate about cancer and health in general.

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  1. Amazing video! Compelling testimony to wellness through nutrition! Your best video yet! I lost my grandmother, my uncle, my best friend from high school, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law…all to cancer! I am grateful someone told me about your greensmoothiegirl.com website. What a blessing you are to share your wisdom and wellness protocol in your books and videos. I no longer fear cancer myself and enjoy a green smoothie each day along with radiant health! Thanks again! YOU are a gift to us all!

  2. It’s apparent to me that animal food sources are “processed” food. Yes, Robin, eliminating processed foods is the way of a healthy body.

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