Biased Research Says Diet Soda Helps You Lose Weight

Biased research wants you to think diet soda helps you lose weight

Scientific studies: valid or not? Look at who pays for them!

In May of 2014, the journal Obesity published a “scientific” study saying that drinking diet sodas assists in weight loss.

The study’s authors say that diet soda might be even more effective than water at aiding weight loss. They looked at 303 men and women in a weight loss program. One group consumed 24 oz. of diet soda along with water, and the other group drank only water.

After 12 weeks, the researchers found that the diet soda group lost 4 pounds, on average, more than the water drinkers. So the conclusion was diet soda contributes to weight loss.

Love it? Me neither.scientific study: diet soda vs. water

Guess who paid for the study. Stop and think for a minute… take a guess.

Yep, it’s the American Beverage Association. (Their profits don’t come from water.)

If a scientific study sounds outlandish, always look for who paid for it. Biased research is everywhere and that information used to be hard to find. Now, disclosure regulation and the internet make it easier to know who is influencing the science.

You’re smarter than that. There’s never going to be a health benefit to diet soda. Drink water!

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  1. The research bias issue is compounded by media wanting to get the scoop before they can fact-check, which can result in a misleading piece of research going viral. A news outlet might update after the facts come in, but the damage is already done. No wonder trying to pin down good solid health information seems like whiplash–certainly the work of science means that research and refinements will always be ongoing, but it sure gets confusing. Always good to check out the details yourself!

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