Just home from Switzerland! Come next May! Check out my live blood analysis.

paracelsus 2
Beautiful Paracelsus al Ronc

I’m just back from the most magical place ever, my favorite place on the planet besides home—Paracelsus al Ronc in the Swiss Alps. Five GSG coaches, my mentor Laura Jacobs, assorted children and spouses (including my own daughter Emma, 18) enjoyed a 10-day liver detox. Plus some fabulous sightseeing, sunbathing, hikes, and socializing.

Come with the GSG team next May! Write coachmadeline@greensmoothiegirl.com to secure your spot. I know of a bunch of people who want to come, and space is very limited, so claim your spot as soon as you can. I never have and never will accept any money from this clinic. I just love sharing this best-kept secret of holistic health, with others, since discovering it on a worldwide cancer research tour in 2011.

One of my favorite diagnostics practiced by Dr. Petra Wiechel, M.D., and Dr. Christian Groth,M.D., is live blood analysis. Here’s my before and after live blood analysis. In the first one, my blood is “tired” after being somewhat dehydrated and traveling for 24 hours, with only about 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, and some bad airline food when I ran out of my healthy snacks on an 18-hour flight. (I did run to my favorite place for a green juice in the Atlanta airport before I hopped the plane to Milan. But alas, that juice didn’t go the distance. I ate some awful pasta thing.)

After my first blood analysis, I got several nights of good sleep, lots of water, and clean food. In the second blood analysis a week later, Dr. Groth said my blood was “beautiful, perfect, with no nutritional deficiencies. The lipid membranes are holding essential fatty acids well. The red blood cells are robust, floating free, in an alkaline terrain. The white blood cells are sparkling, and active. Virtually no bacteria or parasites in the medium.” The best blood he had seen.

It turns out that a plant-based diet and solid lifestyle habits show up under the microscope! (And I wasn’t perfect, FYI—if I told you I didn’t eat any chocolate on the sightseeing trips, I’d be lying to you!)

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