A Healthy Gingerbread House?

So much of what happens at the holidays is beautiful, and creative and fun–and brings us down, after we eat it, susceptible to colds and flu, and lower energetically.

I started the GSG Detox early, on Dec. 27, due to my upcoming travel schedule. The live event starts Jan. 5! I eat healthier than 99% even during the holidays, but gosh, this year, so many parties, and so much temptation! (I still have four parties and business dinners in 2 weeks, even starting AFTER Christmas!)

What indulging I DID do, changed my energies. And after 36 hours on the detox, I texted my buddy, Melinda–always do the program with someone, for support and sharing the work–and said, “I feel like ME again!” She wrote back and said, “Me too! I woke up after 6 hours feeling awesome!” She lost 4 pounds in the first two days. WE LOVE THE GSG DETOX and hope you participate with us!

I was delighted to see this posted on my facebook page, from Village Green Network. Who says doing something yummy and fun, together as a family, can’t be good for you, too?

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