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15 Ways I Optimize Health and Energy Every Day—Besides Good Food! (part 1 of 4)

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 10, 2013

At our Swiss Mountain Clinic retreat in Switzerland (I miss those lovely people who came, already!), we had a few evening seminars where I and Dr. Jared Nielsen (from Utah) spoke on a variety of topics. I asked those who attended to write down their questions. One was, “Besides good nutrition, what do you do to stay healthy?”

What a great question! I’m going to answer it in my next few blogs. I am nearing 47 years old, and I have strong energy from early, until late, virtually 100% of the time, with no symptoms or diagnoses except some mild anxiety sometimes, and some dental issues resulting from my poor habits early in life.

I do not believe that this situation is due to luck, nor is it explained by good heredity. Twenty years ago, I was in terrible health, with two dozen diagnoses, when I made radically different daily choices. I had a number of strikes against me, starting with a childhood where I was not breastfed, and then was on frequent antibiotics.

And my heredity isn’t particularly great either—cancer on one side, Alzheimer’s disease on the other. Nor is is just short-term luck, as my excellent health has been a fact for many years, since I began safeguarding it. Even through some very stressful life events.

Of course what we talk about most, on this blog, is the critical role a consistent, three-meals-a-day healthy diet is. Whole, plant-based, clean food is the bulk (90-95%) of what I eat. Yes, I eat “play foods,” too. I make sure they’re kept to 5 percent of the diet—maybe 10 percent on vacations. My core value, when it comes to food, is to be disciplined, without being obsessive.

And I truly believe that diet is one of two foundations. (The other is good emotional health and maturity.) It is inescapable that one is highly unlikely to be truly healthy, long-term, without focusing on it: learning and practicing principles of eating clean, high-vibration foods.

But there is much more that I do, besides eat good food. I think that the things I’m about to explain are common practices, too, from my observations of people late in life who are in optimal health—compared to most of their peers whose main focus in life is surviving their many disease states.

The things on this list don’t even take much time, most of them, and many of them can be done while doing the dishes or driving in the car. Many of them are more about emotional than physical health—but is there any differentiating them, really?

Both my academic training, and my life experience, tells me that these 15 things are game-changers. Every single one is important. My next three posts will reveal all of them.


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  1. Patti says:

    Robyn, will you be returning to Paracelsus in 2014? I would love to go!

    1. Robyn says:

      Patti, I won’t be there except with all the GSG coaches in August, but Coach Madeline’s leading a retreat (same amazing price, but 10 days, not 1 or 2 week options), May 25 – Jun 4…..search “Paracelsus” on the site and you’ll see the new deets! Hope you come!!

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