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Step Six

Making Plant-Based Main Dishes

This step endeavors to give you ideas to put hearty, substantive dishes on the dinner table that feature plant food: primarily vegetables, grains, and legumes. I have found in teaching people about nutrition that many people are very interested in eating more plant food and less meat and dairy--and they usually even know why they should--but they simply don’t know what to make. Most people were raised with beef, poultry, or fish on the plate every night for dinner.

Eating dinners using the main dishes in this step, plus a salad, will not take excessive time in the kitchen and will leave you feeling satisfied but light. You will spend less money making these main dishes than other dishes that require meat. All of the recipes in this section are quick to make, with reasonably short ingredient lists. Best of all, these meals will not tax your body’s enzyme-producing organs or organs of digestion and elimination.  Further, forgoing standard American dinner food for these flavorful dishes will lead you to you ideal weight!

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