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Step Four

Avoiding Bad Fats, Enjoying Good Fats

Step 3 introduced the idea of adding good fats to your whole-foods diet, and Step 4 massively expands the concept of bumping out bad fats with healthy ones!

The bad press against fats in the last third of the 20th century still reverberates today, and understanding the body’s need for particular kinds of fat is still a confusing topic for many. Even the word “fat” can conjure negative thoughts, and is often associated with poor nutrition.  And some people believe eating fat means getting fat, which is not the case.  In general, we’ve responded to this misinformation by not only depriving our diets of the healthy fats found traditionally in nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oils and coconut oils, but more insidiously, by replacing these good fats with chemical substitutes touted as “heart-healthy.”

In this step, you’ll learn the surprisingly easy way to distinguish the bad fats from the good, which our bodies need for making and repairing cell membranes, eliminating waste from cells, cellular communication, inhibiting tumors, and numerous other essential purposes.

You’ll have fun experimenting with the different ways for getting good fats into your body--not only through eating particular whole foods rich in good fats, but also topically through luxurious, inexpensive, great-smelling skin and hair treatments.

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