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Step Three

Dressing Up Your Salads

This step is easy to combine with Step 2, and just as easy to wait to employ if you prefer to downshift your pace in the journey to a whole-foods diet. If you’ve always purchased commercial dressings, you may never have known how simple it is to make astonishingly fresh-tasting and delicious dressings with just a very few basic and inexpensive ingredients!

Besides making a simple meal fabulous, these dressings are an easy way to get good fats into your diet--and eating good fats helps us metabolize stored fat deposits.  The good-fat/bad-fat interplay is one of the least understood food relationships in modern times, and not having enough good fats wreaks havoc on both physical and mental health.

This new habit is rich in money-saving, time-saving, and health-saving advantages. You’ll learn how easy it is to pour on healthy benefits with every tip of the dressing bottle!

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