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Step Two

Making Salad the Star

It may surprise you that our second step toward a diet of whole foods is still primarily focused on vegetables, and even more greens.  I’m adamant that the Standard American Diet’s green deficit is the most important correction to make, and a big salad with dinner is another easy, versatile, tasty way to do that.

And I’m not talking about those paltry boring “dinner salads” you get in a restaurant--a cherry tomato or two on top of a tiny plate of iceburg lettuce, drowning in dressing. You’ll learn to take advantage of the incredible variety of vegetables to create tempting, crunchy, inexpensive medleys that even children can assemble at mealtime.

Ounce for ounce, green foods are the most perfect, sustaining foods on the planet--low in calories, high in nutrition. And that’s not the whole story--learn why enzymes, fiber, and proteins are important and how raw greens provide plenty of all three (and more!). Find money-saving tips on preparing and storing salad ingredients. And get inspired with wonderful recipes for party salads, holiday salads, and “everyday” salads that look and taste sensational!

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