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Step Twelve

Achieving an Alkaline Inner Terrain

The title of this step may seem very strange to you, but the concepts in this step will help you cope with the stressors from acidosis, an acidic internal environment that lead to a host of illnesses including adrenal and thyroid malfunction, weight gain, allergies, sinus and skin problems, headaches, and even cancer.

Some contributors to acidosis are unavoidable, such as environmental toxins and the stress of difficult life circumstances.  But an enormous contributing factor is our diet, and we do have control there.

Without going into great scientific detail (I can point you to resources for that), I’ll teach you how to neutralize acidosis through alkaline-forming foods (most of which you’ve encountered and learned to use in the first 11 steps), and alkaline water (which may be a new concept for you).

If you’ve worked your way sequentially through the first 11 steps, I encourage you go to back and revisit the pages for each step to see what bonus materials and other exclusive content has been added to enhance your membership and give you even better results.  

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