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Step Eleven

Creating Delicious Whole-Food Treats

Because I think that getting the basics of good nutrition in the first ten steps are paramount to your journey to whole foods, I’ve waited to address treats until those basics are covered.  But I’d be surprised if you’re not at least skimming ahead through this section and picking up some recipes for healthy treats long before you reach this point in the course!

Often, making a major shift to a whole-foods lifestyle depends on quelling cravings for sugary treats.  One way to eliminate cravings is to eliminate sugar entirely--you’ll find that the sustained energy you get from whole foods removes the need for sugar’s quick high, and that cravings disappear after a few days.

But 12 Steps to Whole Foods is designed for anyone to make the shift, and the satisfaction of a healthy treat can be an important part of the journey.  Step 11 gives you 6 simple “magic tricks” to convert any treat recipe to a healthy alternative.  You’ll also get inspiration from many fabulous recipes that deliver nutrition along with the sweetness you’re looking for!

Be sure to check out the number of videos and other bonus material in this section!

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