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Step One

Bye-Bye Stimulants, Hello Green Smoothies!

I earned the nickname “Green Smoothie Girl” because my own first step in my journey to health was the simple green smoothie. My first green smoothies had some things in them--like canned pineapple juice and dairy products--that I soon learned to substitute with more healthy ingredients, but the convenience, variety, and energy powerhouse of green smoothies have continued to be the mainstay of my daily health routine.

As I got noticeably healthier, slimmer, and eliminated disease from my family’s life, people began showing up on my doorstep, pleading to know what I was doing and eating to bring such miraculous change. I’ve taught countless people--both in my own kitchen and at lectures in over 450 cities in the United States and Canada--how to create a seismic shift in their health by simply adding one quart of delicious, easy-to-prepare green smoothie in their diet each day.

There’s no question that this ten-minute habit, all on its own, can radically improve your health! In my book The Green Smoothies Diet, I polled 175 readers who took a 30-day challenge to add at least a pint quart of green smoothie per day, at least four times per week. The vast majority, 95.4%, said green smoothies noticeably improved their quality of life.

The top health effects people experienced were (in order) more energy, improved digestion, fewer cravings for sweets, a more positive mood, improvements in skin tone, and weight loss. Very exciting to me is that 84% of those drinking green smoothies were so enthusiastic about their positive health benefits that they’ve told others about or taught them the habit!

You’re going to love the simple deliciousness of this first step to whole foods!

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