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The 12 Steps to Whole Foods Audio material is NOT simply an audiobook--I don’t read the manual out loud to you.  Instead, I speak conversationally about my experience and what I’ve learned about each step while raising my family.  You’ll get stories, tips, and hard-won truths in audio form that aren’t written anywhere.  You can access all 22 tracks in the bonus material section.

12 Steps

Welcome and Introduction:

Why are the 12 Steps Worth My Time?

How to Evaluate the Food Cults:

How Can I Be Successful?

How will I find the time?


The 12 Steps Meditations is a companion to the 12 Steps Course. It is my love letter to you, intended to help you rethink and resolve your issues with living inside your body.

Through repetition, and a loving voice, I want you to shift your beliefs towards a love for the beautiful temple that houses your amazing spirit. Only then can you begin to make wise daily choices, within our 12 Steps program, to honor that temple.

You can access all 12 Meditations tracks in the Bonus Materials Section.

  • In order to undertake a lifestyle transformation, you must change from the inside out. Through meditation, you can actually change your beliefs toward the knowledge and practice for the results you want in your journey to a whole-foods lifestyle.
  • Your spirit and body are shaped by life experiences. They are strong, beautiful and unique.
  • Appreciate and be mindful of all the way your body serves you.
  • You honor your body by the food with which you fuel it.

Introduction track:

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