10 GSG readers win an Ecojarz gift set!

ecojarzHere’s the Ecojarz gift set my new friends at that company sent 10 of my much-loved readers. I love mine, and I love how it makes my glass canning jars endless reusable with my favorite nutrition habit ever, green smoothies! Plus I’m not throwing plastic straws away. If you have a product you think I should give away on this blog, that helps people be healthier and greener, fill out our request form HERE (no network marketed products please).

Congratulations to the first 10 to write us!

Mary Enright-Olsen
Lafayette LA

Andrea James
Maricopa, AZ

Brandie Lund Dickey
McMinnville, OR

Dana Robinson
Ammon, ID

Joy Traugott
Orlando, FL

Kristen Vlcek
Las Vegas, NV

Mary Ann Hill
San Jose, CA

Mellissa Richwine
Gladstone, OR

Stancie Wilson
La Porte, IN

Sandy Zent
Ten Sleep, WY

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  1. Does leaving a comment work? I would LOVE these! I just purchased your 12 steps book and am enjoying the green smoothies!

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