Robyn's Favorite Things

I have a spectacular whole-foods kitchen I designed and built. Lots of gadgets collect dust and waste space. Many companies market ineffectual or marginal food-prep products. But a handful of products have made a dramatic difference in my family’s health, that I wouldn’t be without, and recommend highly.

This section is where I review the tools and foods I simply can’t do without. The #1 investment I recommend is a Blendtec Total Blender. It’s so important to me that you have one, that we offer them here on GreenSmoothieGirl with a free download of the 12 Steps to Whole Foods manual, worth $84.95. (Or you can apply that as an upgrade to any other 12 Steps course.)

I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally use and love. Many of these items represent the culmination of years of use and research. So, come have a look around and see some ideas for helping you feel and look your best!


Tools For Healthy Living

I don’t carry anything in my online store unless it qualifies as Better or Best. “Better” foods are excellent alternatives. They include our vegan protein powder, so you don’t have to buy inferior, processed whey or soy proteins. 

Foods For Health

I’ve read a number of books about nutrition over the years. These are some of my favorite resources for information and recipes. I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants to add more whole and raw plant foods into their diet.