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A healer in every home…..PART 2 of 3

The medical profession doesn’t have a single drug that the blood-brain barrier doesn’t put up a mounted defense against! (It’s a good thing, since drugs are never assimilated, digested, and eliminated by the body as natural plant foods and medicinal extracts are. And they always have side effects. Some side effects we FEEL, some we […]

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Announcing the GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coach Certification program!

I am going to certify 12 GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coaches in September, 2012. We’re very excited. Often I talk to readers who have a new IIN diploma, or who are self-educated, and want suggestions for ways they can make a career or part-time job helping people with their health knowledge. We have an opportunity for you. […]

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Detecting Cancer Far Earlier than Traditional Means..Part 6 of 7

The EDS Biosurvey Cancer Cascade.   The “Cancer Cascade,” or the biochemical changes that occur in the human body, takes about 8 years before cancer cells develop into a tumor detectable by traditional means. That Cancer Cascade involves the pH in various tissues becoming too acidic, too oxygen-deprived, and the immune system and organ functioning […]

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