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Come early tonight! And, a time-saving tip.

Thanks for your patience if  you came to my Riverdale show last night. Especially those 65 of you who sat in the aisles on milk crates or stood along all the walls when all the seats were full.  And thanks for being patient with fussy babies—you know I WANT THOSE YOUNG MOMS THERE, and you […]

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Green Smoothie Testimonials, part 6

I have a bajillion of these, and I’ll talk about other stuff sometimes and sprinkle these in, just to keep you motivated with others’ fun tales of their health improving: I tried the green smoothie after juicing for several years. Juicing was expensive and demanded a lot of time and work extracting the juice from […]

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What saves you time in your whole-food kitchen?

I would like to solicit the help of all you kitchen geniuses on a couple of topics for next year’s release of the printed version of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   Today’s topic: what saves you time in your kitchen?   Some things may not be the absolute ultimate, nutritionally (see a few that […]

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