Your kids in the Big Book of Green Smoothies

Not only did a lot of you contribute a recipe to the Big Book of Green Smoothies (when we put it together as an e-book), but now these readers have contributed the most-darling photos ever of their children with green mustaches!

(And about three Hot Pink mustaches!)

If your child isn’t in this alphabetized list below, I don’t have your permission in writing to me–so I won’t use it even if you’ve sent me your photo in the past. Hurry now to send your cute kiddo’s photo to, child’s first name, parent/grandparent’s first name, state/country you live in, and permission to print it. No other identifiers will accompany the photos on this blog or in the book. And, when it releases, you can request a free copy.

Adrienne: Utah

Aengus: Pennsylvania

Audrey: North Carolina

Bailey: Idaho

Briella: Utah

Cameron, Isaac, Macey: Washington

Charles: Australia

Elena: Utah

Elisha, Emily: California

Evangeline: Washington

Heath, Madi: Nebraska

Ian: Indiana

Isaiah: Utah

Jack: California

Jake: Oregon

Jakob, Gracy, Lexy, Ethynn: Nevada

Jaxon: Utah

Jessica: Utah

Jillian: Utah

Justin: Georgia

Justin: Canada

Kevin: Utah

Kiya: Michigan

Luz: Utah

Manny: Utah

Mia, Lexi: Switzerland

Peyton, Avery: Florida

Ruby: Missouri

Savannah, Jake, Zach: Utah

Shoshanna, Josiah: New Hampshire

Tessa: California

Abby: Utah

Simon: Minnesota

may I publish YOUR child’s green smoothie mustache photo?

My favorite emails of all time (right up there with stories from those of you whose health has turned around from the green-smoothie habit) are GREEN SMOOTHIE MUSTACHE photos, of your cute kids.

We are in process of publishing on paper, with beautiful photography, these four books that have formerly been e-books:

Healthy Holiday Favorites (to release this week)

Robyn’s Healthy Favorite Family Favorites (probably the week after)

101 Healthy Lunch Ideas

The Big Book of Green Smoothies (230 recipes)

The last book is not only a lot of my recipes, but it’s a lot of yours too. We put it together a year or so ago, with contributions from many of you. Now we’re publishing it as a physical book.

I think I’m going to put some of the photos I’ve gotten from y’all, over the past few years. (I’m writing to those moms whose emails I saved, asking for permission.)

If you want to send me a photo of your child drinking a GS, or better yet, with a big cheesy grin and green mustache, please do!

I’ll publish your first name, your child’s first name, and the state or country you’re from. If you write a little testimonial, I might publish that too. I’ve emailed some parents and grandparents who have sent me their beautiful children’s photos in the past two years. I’ve got permission from parents in Canada, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida, Utah, Switzerland/Washington and California so far.

Be a part of inspiring other parents–thank you!!